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by MJ
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Just a little scene from something I am working on. Thoughts and critique welcomed :-)
It was almost easy to forget what we were, far too easy actually.

Daniel and I had fallen into some kind of domestic routine. Before I realised it I was living with the man, though I still paid the rent on my own place. For now at least. We took turns making breakfast; he loved my pancakes and I the eggs benedict he would occasionally whip up. After work I’d come back to his apartment, rarely thinking of my own now, and seeing as he normally worked from home he was invariable already there. The door would open before I had even stepped off the elevator and he was there, ready with a smile and heated kiss which sometimes led to more and sometimes didn’t.

I even washed Daniel’s laundry when doing my own! One thing I had always vowed to myself; never become the housewife and yet here I was. Dirty knickers in hand, sorting out colours and whites and underwear. Dropping the boxer shorts in my hands, I whispered ‘holy shit’ and Daniel was there in less than a heartbeat, standing behind me and I could feel the coiling tension tightening inside him as he prepared for danger.

“Are you ok? What’ wrong?” I felt the familiar stroke of his questing mind glide over my own but not probing. He never violated my trust by attempting such. Besides, he’d never get through my shields which were frankly better than his. By his own admission of course. This was just his way seeking, comforting and it was in another moment of clarity that I had come to welcome that soothing presence in my head.
Turning around to look into his concerned blue eyes, my own probably blown wide and looking bewildered, I uttered the confusing words that had so startled me.

“We’re in a relationship.”

My dark haired lover blinked, clearly trying to decipher some hidden meaning in the words. The he smiled, though obviously still more than a little confused.

“Yes? But what’s bothering you. I would have thought it was obvious.”

“When did it happen?” I’m sure I should have been less cryptic, and yet some part of my apparently wonderful brain that was capable of many amazing things, failed to grasp the simple concept of concise communication.

“Is this…not ok?” the sense of trepidation from him returned, which was crushing, and I could have hit myself for making him feel like that.

“It’s not that, seriously, I’m not meaning this in a negative way. I’m just…surprised I guess.” A little of the tension left him but not all. Clearly he still wasn’t sure where this was supposed to be going. Taking my hand in both of his, warm palms caressing, soothing me.

“Why are you surprised?” he quietened his voice, almost whispering. Treating me like a startled animal that required calming. Which, actually, in that precise moment I probably looked like I was a frightened rabbit ready to bolt.

Taking a moment to turn the racing thoughts over in my head, I studied Daniel’s handsome face, drinking in the sight of a man concerned for me. Depthless eyes gleamed brightly, quick darting movements scanning my face. Recently washed hair brushed back over a strong brow, as yet unlined, but I desperately wanted to be here to see each line as they appeared over the years. I wanted to see this man grow old.

To grow old with me.

“It never occurred to me that I might find someone that could accept me, and do so knowing wholly what I could do, and even less so that that someone would be just like me. So the notion of a relationship was also a foreign concept for me. It’s just…unnerving how easy this was for me to slip into and even now I can’t recall the exact moment it happened.” Finally the unease seemed to dissipate from him and he smiled. A sight I never tired of seeing.

“Well, though I am far from an expert, I don’t believe there is a quantifiable moment in time that you can attribute to defining when a relationship begins. For me however it was when you said you loved me.” Moving closer Daniel crowded me against the washing machine, his larger frame dwarfing me and he didn’t have to be psychic to know the effect it had on me. Fingers rose to brush over my cheeks and lips, to run through my blonde tresses and meander down my back to pull me tightly against his hard body.
“Yes I suppose that could be it.” Frankly I was amazed I was capable of forming a sentence. Words seemed to be an issue for me when Daniel tried to go all domineering male.

Tried? Who am I kidding! He succeeded, and did so very well.

“And you’re sure you aren’t uncomfortable? Being in a relationship…with me?” Goddamned his voice was silken smooth, just like his touch. Dropping it lower always sent shivers through me. Just another part of this man that found a way to caress me without ever meaning to. It was like I had no control over myself, something I had spent years training to ensure I always had.
“Um, no…not at all. Like I said it was just surprising.” Those teasing fingers lowered to cup my rear, then lift me swiftly to so that I was sitting on machine. Thankfully I hadn’t switched it on as yet.

“Anything else you’ve found surprising love?” His lips ghosted over my own but did not touch. The tease. Yet the teeth suddenly tugging on my ear lobes were anything but and I gasped, shivers running down me to join the pooling heat in my gut. “Why don’t I try to give you a few surprises right now?” That sounded like a wonderful idea but those pesky words had completely evaded my grasp yet again. From the colourful thoughts I was projecting though, Daniel didn’t need to hear the words. His rumbling chuckle vibrated against the sensitive skin of my neck where his lips were busy peppering nipping kisses.

“Why Aaron, such rude thoug-“

Both of us flinched harshly as a mental shriek assaulted our minds. My hands reached up and gripped his head, covering us both in a powerful block and deflecting the worst of the psychic wave. My telepathy was little stronger and much more refined than Daniels. Unfortunately I had had a lot of practice with deflecting attacks such as that.

It passed abruptly but it was still enough to rattle us.

“You alright?” Any rousing heat had been swiftly dampened sadly. I pushed off the washing machine, still cradling his head between my fingers, refusing to let go until I was sure. He managed a wan smile for me.

“Sure am. I had my big bad telepath protecting me.” Pressing my lips to his, I soothed out the mental ruffles in his mind and my own before directing my attention outwards. Questing for the source of that scream. “I think it was close by.” Daniel said.

“You’d be right about that. A couple buildings over. Can’t get a clear picture but I’m positive it’s a woman…” with an errant thought the doors to the balcony opened with a click. Daniel turned at the sound. “Care to investigate it?” I asked and he shook his head, but only in bemusement.

“Always the curious one. Of course we’ll go. She was clearly distressed to let out a cry like that.” Removing my hands from his head which I had hung onto for longer than necessary I suppose, I strode into the living-room and made for the opened balcony. As I moved I wrapped myself in telekinesis, thrilled at the feel of power thrumming in and over me. I glanced over my shoulder, seeing Daniel’s eyes fill with azure light as he touched his own power. Throwing a mental link to him he caught it deftly and meshed it to his mind.

Come on. Let’s get this over with. Remember, you’ve a few more surprises to show me.’

His toothy smile was all I needed before launching myself into the darkening twilight world.
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