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A poem about missing my lover
Swept away,
I cannot stay.
My heart, it pounds,
I miss the love I found.
It’s like being in a hurricane,
You use me, abuse me, cause me pain.
Your trust which I crave above all,
Never fails to be full of holes when I need a safety net in which to fall.
When the tears won’t stop and I need your love throughout each day,
You don’t call and I remember words that hurt me, words understood, words you no longer need to say.
I oncer dreamed you’d love me more than anyone in the world.
It shattered and scattered with each insult that we hurled.
If tomorrow never came, would you even care?
Or would you just forget that I was ever there?
Was our love so fallible?
Why couldn’t we be a little bit more malleable?
Is it love if you leave?
Didn’t we have goals to achieve?
Why, Oh why, did you hurt me like you did?
If I’d known how things would end I’d have run away and hid.
I’m dying inside, prayed so much I’ve become cruciform.
Don’t know if I’m going to make it through this love storm.

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