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What are eyes? They are us.
Did you know that one of the most amazing things in the world is our eyes. Our eyes is not a necessity or a given right but yet a given gift. Without our eyes it would be nothing but dark. Dark. Black. Night. Fear. Nothing. Eyes tells us who we are what we see and what we have right in front of us. They show us the beauty, the ugly, the stars, night, moon, smile, dream, scream, cry, laugh, sunset, nightmare, person, face, love and everything. I believe that our eyes are our scars they tell someone how much the world, your life has scarred you. Scars aren't always bad their reminders to show you whats apart of you now. When your eyes are scarred they are beautiful when their vulnerable they are beautiful scared or anything they are beautiful. Because the world gives us our eyes and our eyes gives us our world.
Yet the world is an unfair place with a mind of its own I guess and when it does what it wants it skips a few people here and there, people like me. I was born blind, a dark whole that normally unraveled on day one stayed shut and never gave way. All I knew were sounds, all I knew were people that new a different life than me, saw a different world than me and had a different hope than me. People look and stare they think we don't know but blindness doesn't mean retarded it means visually impaired so remember that far and well all it means is visually impaired and although all you might see is a girl with a stick there's more to me and more than a look of the eye. Because to us we visually, scientifically "can't see" and although that may be true we see a whole other world which can sometimes be the better world. So although you might see a girl with a stick I can see more to you than anyone else in the universe can and theres always more to see in the dark.
"Genevieve" called my sister Taylor she was 14 and the eldest girl in the family with calm smooth hair, a bright fiery red and a face soft like her gentle and vibrant all at once. "Spencer is taking you to Mollows Shallow Wishter school today" chimed Taylor her hands running along my ear, her fingers damp and cool from washing the morning dishes and the slight stuble of dried soap brushing against my face. As she whispered in my ear the way she always did "I love you Genevieve and you are the strongest bravest warrior I know" squeaked Taylor as she wrapped my hair tightly in a ponytail.
Breakfast took me in like a wave of bright oreos dancing around the sun. With bacon crisp and brittle just the way I liked it, scrambled eggs sprinkled along with cheese strips here and there and fried rice a light crumble of everything all in one bite. As I could feel my face warm up to smiles with the morning chatter racing and rushed as always. My father's low voice surrounding my insides like a whirr of fire brush as our mother's light hums here and there filled the room with happiness. I could smell Kayley's perfume across the kitchen table a nice orange cinnamon right from the retail brands at Sears and Macy's. She was only 13 a year younger than Taylor but acted like she ruled the world. Then there was Spencer who was always very protective over me, always by my side, always talking to me, always reading me books like The Odyssey and A Midnight's Dream. He was always there and always my favorite he was just about 16 and a half, rode a pickup truck he loved to describe to me any given chance we had and was the best brother ever. Then was Heather who was 11 and always was out with her friends, on her phone and always running. Her heart was always loud, always fast and always pumping like drums in the bands that would stride through towns streets for parades and big football games. And then me Genevieve 10 years old supposedly smart for my age and "condition" like I had such a deadly disease which I don't. I was blind so I couldn't really give you a great description but from resounds of others I was fair and beautiful, had light hazelnut colored hair, bright blue eyes that saw nothing but dreams, had a perfect little nose, was around 4'11 height wise, I was thin and had beautiful striding legs. Yet in my description I was just a girl with the weight of the world doubled on her shoulders.
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