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My first, middle, and last name.

Lovely, luscious, lady capturing and tempting fellows' eyes.
Eyes so like hazelnut chocolate, chestnut brown
Silence piercing the noisy chaos, as I walk through the crowd.
Lifeless, broken hearts cause a wandering of eyes. I see into your soul.
Intentions an illustration of my love life like this week's front page newspaper display.
Effortlessly I continue my stroll floating through the crowd.

Making my way to my one, my only, true love. Beyond my belief Brian loves me so much it's......... Ill.
I don't know why this man loves me, still.
Chills and goosebumps cover my trembling body our
Hearts once two have now become one. Fairy tale like love a dream come true, forever
Entertwined, eternally we'll always be together our love sparks jealousy.
Lion is to lioness, the king is to the queen, so if it looks, feels, acts, sounds for real it must be real.
Loneliness, gone until our dying days.
Everlasting joy, peace, and happiness till' the last breath we each take.

Longing for one another is a thing of the past
Overflowed with pure real love it radiates from us and fits so tight like a glove.
Moonlight glimmers through the darkness, just enough to continue our romantic night.
Aroma from you and aroma from me fills our nostrils as we feel excitement, our bodies ready to explode in ecstasy.
Caution to love is what everyone warns; for you can never be too certain if loves a game which has just begun.
Knowledgeable of you knowledgeable of me we are pieces of a puzzle fit together precisely.

Like two lost souls reunited after an eternity
Me and you are bound now, and until infinity.
Love is patient and kind we have an unconditional love which is truly a blessing from the heavens, up above.

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