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Daily Flash Fiction for 8/3/2015
         Julia walked into the break room and found Sadie putting up party decorations. Sadie smiled and clapped her hands. “Don’t you just love decorating?”
         “Sure, Sadie. Do you need some help?” Julia offered.
         “Oh yes! I don’t want to hog all the fun! Grab some streamers.” She showed her the technique used for folding the streamers.
         I’m sorry I asked, Julia thought.
         As they finished folding the crepe paper, Penny walked in.
         Sadie laughed. “You’re right on time! I’d hate to not have your signature on Elvia’s welcome back party. Why don’t you go stuff the goody bags? I’m a little jealous you get to do it. I love it!”
         She got Penny started, turned and looked at her co-workers and said, “Girls, I’m going to take a little break since you both have this under control.” She turned on her heels and walked out of the room.
         Julia and Penny watched her go, mouths open and speechless. They continued with their work, a little less cheerful than they had been before. Moments later, they heard a screech from the parking lot and peered out the window. They watched as Sadie sped down the street.
         “Penny,” said Julia.
         “I think we just got Tom Sawyered.”

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