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by rasha
Rated: 13+ · Sample · Entertainment · #2052025
two friends on the run get thrown in to a world unknown to them
Chapter          one

         "Hello there my lovely"          she smiled at me with a glimmer of a plan in her eyes, I sighed "Oh          what wrong sweetie?"
         "You are" I replied          keeping my voice as low as possible but still high enough for her to          hear. She looked confused for a moment, you could see her putting it          all together as she stared at me with vacant eyes and once she got          it the look of apology in her eyes was enough
         "Oh," she sighed
         "What was the plan?" I          asked with curiosity getting the better of me I knew I shouldn't          but I was bored the past 2 years have gone by so slowly it feels          like ten years stuck here but I am thankful I have one person that          knows me before here. I looked around to make sure no one was close          enough to over hear. We faced opposite directions with a mean look          on our faces to make it look like we hated being near each other to          keep our cover story alive.
         This is the only place I          have felt safe in even with the stalkerish person here. This is the          place to be to lay low that's for sure to many children to pay          attention to, to focus on two of them. So many different people in          one place for anyone to stick out even with the bullies here its          still a nice place to be. The security lacks quite a bit that's          better for us, there are so many place to hide and to be unseen          thankfully, so even if they find us here it has the best chances to          get out and away without being caught or seen.
         No one was looking our way          or close enough to hear what she was wanting to say. She seemed          reluctant to share, which made me wonder what it was so much more.          Seconds turned in to minutes and then the bell rang. I looked at her          in the eyes for a second then I pushed her in to a crowed of passing          students that were slightly older than us.
         "Wow, what's your          problem?" Asked a tall slim pale skinned blonde girl as she avoids          losing her balance
         "I don't have a problem          do you?" I replied trying to sound angry to give Aingealag the          chance to hit me back she didn't take it. I looked at her, she was          stunned, I wasn't sure why. Then just after a second of me looking          at her, her face went a darkish colour of red, she stood up and          looked at me with rage in her eyes, it almost looked like they were          glowing with the rage that seemed to radiate off of her it was          almost scary as I turned to walk away she tackled me to the floor          punching, slapping, and scratching me.
         I tried grabbing her arms          but she was to fast, I have pushed her too hard for the past 4 years          and by the look of her eyes I have pushed her past her limits, its          funny in a way I always thought I would be the one that lost it. A          few minutes past before we were separated by Mr McDougall the head          of our guidance group. He looked at the two of us with concern and          disappointment set on his face.
         "Hi Mr McDougall" I          smiled as blood tricked down my neck "how are you today?"
         "Don't start" was all          he said to me "Carly, Jo take Aingealag to my office and stay with          her until I get there, everyone else get to class"
         "Drama here I come" I          muttered to myself feeling slightly light headed
         "No you don't you get to          the nurse she will be there in five minutes" he stated turning          away from me.
         I groaned, this was not          meant to happen. She was suppose to hit me once after I pushed her          and we were to get caught and sent to the office where we would be          alone and can talk but no I had to push her over her limits, I can          honestly I never seen that coming. I wished I had paid more          attention. Then I would know exactly what was wrong with her, if I          was any kind of friend then maybe she would not of snapped and we          wouldn't be in trouble.
         I decided to go to class          instead of the nurse. I thought maybe if I write a note and get          someone to go up with it and give it to her then we can maybe avoid          what might be coming our way. I nipped to the toilet to clean myself          up first before heading to class. I wrote the note while the          register was being taken and given it to Emily when she left to take          the afternoon absent slip up to the main office. She looked a bit          off about doing it but she agreed after a moment.
         Time passed and I started to          feel strange, I sat down in a dark corner when the phone rang I          couldn't really hear much it was a bit jumbled. The next thing i          knew i was being faced with a teary Aingealag, which soon sobered my          translucent vision.
         "I thought you were dead"          she cried
         "Me? Dead? You jokin'          right?" I smiled trying not to flinch with the pain "you of all          people should know nothing is gonna kill me on this planet"
         She smiled faintly for a few          moments. Then her face grew dark and lifeless for a few seconds          which scared me I have never seen that look on her. It reminded me          of something but I cant seem place it anywhere. When she noticed me          looking she smiled and there was no trace of the darkness that was          on her face just moments ago.
         "What happened to you?"          I asked
         "Nothing" she replied          walking away from me
         "Liar" i smiled "tell          me the truth, am a big girl I can handle it... I think"
         "Nothing" she whispered          almost too low for me to hear
         "You know I can tell when          are lying" I joked
         "You want a cup of tea or          something? I think I know how to make it now" she asked turning          around with a smile on her face and that beautiful light on in her          eyes. It reminded me of the good times we have had since our          adventure together started but looking back on it now a lot has          changed. Her mood, her personality and her state of mind have          darkened a lot. She use to be the one with light only she never got          depressed, angry or anything like that, but lately thats mostly what          she has been, depressed, lonely, dark, moody and angry. Its kind of          scaring me if I am honest but I must not let her know.

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