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Rated: E · Fiction · Activity · #2052027
Exercise and the emotions thereof
A Trainer's Tale

She saunters through the main door. Not quickly or straightforward, mind you, but with a rocking motion and glide as not to disturb any who approaches. Her eyes dart around the corners of the room, first with assessment, then narrow quickly with commitment on the path she should embark.

I’m standing in a not so obvious place, thinking she will pass by and I can maneuver towards the door, hoping to come up with a reason to not be here. Dammit! I thought. Why do I convince myself to do these things? Then I remember my commitment to myself to regain health, all the while cursing my resolve for doing this.

I think quickly, my senses on alert, heartbeat racing. “I can come up with some kind of excuse out of this!” But she has spied me and her focus now turns to me. I’m already breaking into a sweat as thoughts run through my head, “What devious plan and devices will she impose on me today?”

But it’s too late, her gaze is now upon me solely and I’m trapped against the instruments she is deciding to use. Looking straight thru me, I can tell this was bound to be an evening full of great stress. Yet oddly enough, I look forward to it with some form of masochistic pleasure.

While looking over markings in the log, her lips draw tight against her teeth to form a sinister curl at the edges. Noticing her eyes are dilated, I know this personage bids trouble for my plans to “take it easy”

After looking up from some note on her ruled pad, it’s obvious her mind is finally set on the activity to begin with. My thoughts now turn towards the Euclidean dance I was about to begin.

I rub my eyes and refocus on her presence once again. A smiling, bubbly person is now looking at me! She converses with a pleasant tone about the day’s details. I listen with great intent as she demonstrates what I am about to do. I think, “Well this won’t be as bad as I thought before”.

She commands me to lay on the floor, which for some reason, I obediently do. While I’m getting into position on the floor, I glance up just in time to catch her bubbly appearance disappear, with the dilated eyes growing and tight lipped smirk now appearing, producing a demented curl to her lips.

Well Mr. Light, ready to begin your exercise lesson?
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