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Sylvanna finds a new world through coffee

Coffee Portal

Sylvanna looks drowsily into her cup of morning coffee to see an amazing sight. Sitting upright in wonder about the scene before her. The fluffy white clouds with black specks of birds scattered across the scene with the middle, the most glorious sight; the purest light she has even seen which is so bright she has to shield her eyes in order to continue gazing at it. Peering closer into the light source she finds her face entering a world foreign to her eyes.

Stumbling from the world she knows all about falling and falling through a purple azure sky, Sylvanna is mystified at the beauty of color in the clouds with yellow, green, and pink, hues are scattered across the sky. Reaching for her iPhone she quickly takes some pictures while saying out loud, "No is ever gonna believe this actually exists."

Finally landing on blue grass, looking at her surroundings, she is not sure what to do and wonders how she can get back to her own world.

A small insect flies past Sylvanna's ear buzzing, catching her attention she turns toward the direction the being went and hears, "Well, well, well. What have we here? The new morsal for the Gent has shown up at last. He has been so lonely we all thought he has run out of conquests."

Confused about the words this spec of an insect is saying, she responds, "Well, I have no idea what you are talking about. I would never agree to such a proposal as you have laid out. This may sound strange, except I fell in my coffee cup this morning and I do need to get back. I have responsibilities."

The pixie flies back towards Sylvana and stops at eye level, looking at her face carefully before saying, "This is the first that I have known about Gent using the unknown to aquire a conquest, he must be desperate."

A loud voice booms around the pair, "Sylvana. Sylvanna, where are you? I know you are not far because your cup of coffee is still sitting here."

"Bret! Bret, can you hear me?"

"Sylvana, I do not have time to play games with you this morning."

Turning towards the pixie, Sylvana, asks, "How come I can hear him and he cannot hear me?"

Sighing, she replies, "That is the result of the Gent's spell he uses. You will stay here until he is done with you if he gets done with you."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You will see," the pixie flew circles around Sylvanna's head before she flew away into the nether sphere.

Left alone, Sylavanna sat on the grass not sure what to do next.

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