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A journey through Brooklyn Bridge Park.
The Beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge
Jessica Marie

When I took the F subway to my location, it was a few blocks worth of walking. Once I reached the park that was under construction, I asked the security guard directions for the Park that wasn't under construction. He pointed to the playground, then the beach, and said there was another park a few blocks away. He then added, "Ma'am. I see you have a camera. Usually photographers, especially for commercials, stand where that fence is and put their lenses through the little hole to get their pictures. That's the best view. Feel free to do the same!"So, I did, and he pointed out different angles to me. He wasn't kidding.

The beach was just so peaceful and soaking my feet in the East River was just so peaceful. As the cold waters of the river soaked my feet, I sat looking at the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, the boats floating by, and the sun beginning to descend. I didn't want to leave. Although kids were running and screaming behind me, I sat comfortably on a rock and just soaked my feet for 20 minutes. It was a perfect end to the day.

Before I left the beach, I wanted a picture of Baymax in front of the Bridge. I snapped one. Then I wanted one with him. A selfie wouldn't work. I then saw a British man walk by with his young son. I asked him if he could snap a picture. He obliged, then laughed, "Ah, Baymax! Is he your world travel companion?" "Yep!" He just smiled and laughed some more. His son was hypnotized by Baymax. I thanked him.

When I walked back to the subway, I saw that security guard again. He suggested SoHo before I left. I took his suggestion. SoHo wasn't me: a lot of high end stores. I just sat in Starbucks and drank a grande iced coffee with a double shot of espresso (I had a free drink coming to me for my birthday) before I headed back to Penn Station. It was a perfect day out!
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