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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2052367
A woman meets two legends
"You can't keep me here!" I shouted. Banging on the door did no good, this was something that I knew from experience. Time after time I had tried to get someone's attention and force them to let me out of this prison. Why hadn't my father paid the ransom yet? That was the real question. "Let me out of here!"

The answer that I received, the one that I always got was a tea cup being pushed through the doggie door. It was the same gloved hand that always gave me my food and drink. I wished that they would say something to me.

"This better not be drugged again! I swear to God if it is..." I didn't finish my sentence, what could I say? I couldn't threaten them, I had no means to carry through on it.

Maybe if I was drugged, I could forget that I was kidnapped, for a while at least. After one sip, I deduced that nothing was weird or strange about the tea. A strange disappointment rolled through my body like a wave.

"Girl, don't go getting the Stockholm Syndrome now," I was surprised to see Janet Jackson sitting at my side. Her flawless skin was contrasted with a white sweater . "I know you think you're above it girl but ask Carly, we've been been there."

"That night with Liberace, the one that inspired 'you're so vain', he was holding me captive." Carly Simon shook her head, her curly hair fell in her face.

"Wasn't Liberace gay? How did you guys get in here? And how can I get Stockholm Syndrome when I don't even know who kidnapped me?" Nothing was making any sense. Then I looked at my tea cup and found there to be literal clouds in the cup.

"Oh honey, sweetie, baby. Right now you are being isolated from everyone you love, soon the kidnapper will need you to call your very wealthy father. He'll probably bond with you." Janet said, she rested her hand on my arm.

"And maybe try to screw you. I mean he is a man after all." Carly shot with a half smile. "And yes Liberace was gay but he thought I was a drag queen."

"Girl, you didn't tell me that when we were recording together!" Janet laughed.

Suddenly both singers started slapping me. Telling me to wake up, that I had better not be dead. Like most things in my life in that moment, it made no sense to me.

That was until I opened my eyes. The cutest man I had ever saw was slapping me. His sparkling blue eyes seemed relieved when I woke up. "Are you ok?"

"Are you my kidnapper?"

Somewhere in the distance, I heard Janet and Carly singing together again about me falling in love with this man.

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