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A girls out look on school
I looked up at the sky and frown
Off to school again to be made fun of like a clown.
Trapped inside a hellish pound
Staring out a window hoping Anything would go down.

I don't care about the girl who's cheating off me.
And I hate the fact that my boyfriend cheats on me.
There's nothing that I can do,
Perhaps I'll act like I came down with the flu.

The boy from the classroom downstairs.
Is always getting in everyone's affairs.
And my third period teacher,
Is my churches brand new Preacher.

The school lunch tastes like batteries.
Why did all our food have to processed in factories.
I just received yet another D,
And of course my parents aren't understanding.

Three projects, four tests, two hours before bed,
There's not enough time oh my Am I stressed.
I'm struggling to keep my grades at C's,
Can you believe my parents are expecting A's and B's.

They don't understand the pressure
Here we go yet another long lecture.
About how they think I'm not trying
Because they can't see
What this darn school is doing to me!!!
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