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by Diana
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You will assist to a conversation between the devil and Hitler or maybe no...
An Eliminatory Test

I might not know anything but I cared about what people wanted and I never judged them. Why?! Because I never rejected them, in spite of all their imperfections. I am the supreme admirer of men and also a revolutionary soul! Who in the right mind could possibly deny it?! Let's put the cards on the table and just think rationally for a moment, after all I'm also known as the Lightbringer and not because it sounds fancy. This "God" of yours created the universe, life, the laws of physics, the balance which makes the material plane move by itself and you still believe that you understand him because of what is written in a piece of paper not by me, or by "Perfection itself", not by Jesus, the idealist, not by Virgin something... ooh, yeah, Mary or Bloody Mary, whatever her name is. Between us, I'm the type who likes modern women who initiates psychological and psychoanalytical conversations and then, they will get in your bed but let√Ęs get over this aspect, the tastes should not be discussed even if, some of us have exquisite tastes. So neither of these... I will say, "teens", didn't write the Bible, in fact it was written by men. Don't you find it just incredibly beautiful this kind of vanity? Actually the supreme arrogance of all time... This was a real surprise even for me, I must confess. I thought that people will simply say "God is beyond human comprehension." but no, THEY DIDN'T !

Let me give you an inside information about God, he likes to watch, he's a prankster. It gives men instincts, he gives you this extraordinary gift and what does he do? For his own amusement, he sets the rules in opposition. Look but don't touch, touch but don't taste, taste but don't swallow. He is a sadist! He didn't make the men just after his resemblance, I will give him credit because it's seems that he is not entirely narcissist. I'm the father of the mankind too! People have also revolutionary souls like me. I see myself in them every time when they can accept any kind of experience,regardless of the degree of danger, just with one condition: that certain experience to establish a new order or maybe chaos, in any case something they never knew until then. A new order in morality, in politics, in spirituality. Right? You are able to risk anything, with the condition to get out of that, if not accomplished with yourself, at least different by who you were. Through these last words of his, Mephisto succeeded to unleash the devastating fire from Hitler's eyes.After all, does not exist a sinner who sins alone, nobody is evil by his own darkness.

- My childish, Mephisto, life is a perpetual surprise, way too short to deal with the struggles of others. Everyone lives for itself and pays, on their own, the price for that.The tragedies of others, an exasperating triviality... You are speaking with a man who will give his soul anytime, if he instead will conquer the world because the reality of facts, claims that the evil ones aren't punished and the good ones aren't rewarded. The success rewards the tough ones and the fall crushes the weak ones. Just the imagination causes remorse after every sin and thanks God, I don't have imagination but I do have perspective, says Hitler with pathos. He was not a "poet" such as Mephisto, to expose the sensitivity of his ravages.He was simply a pragmatic man.

- I want a revolution, a moral purification! A completely new action which has the purpose to create other cosmos, a new spiritual and also political order.You, my dear friend, want power even if this requires terror, murder and genocide.I think we can come to an agreement, you could say it a deal with the devil if you want to, says Mephisto with a villainous smirk on his face. Betraying a cynicism which has the power to reduce everything to his universe, Mephisto suddenly says "Amor vincit omnia."

A young woman with the white skin of a statue, sanded for a long time, by the bright impulses of her interior life appeared at the arm of Mephisto.She has the kind of beauty that intimidates, usually even the women who are too beautiful are avoided same as the women who are too ugly. A circular mirror with the frames of lava, she was holding tight in her left hand. Hitler seemed hypnotized by her presence, she was from another world that he didn't know anything about. He didn't understand how the lava couldn't cause her pain, he was waiting with a morbid restlessness to hear her voice; one single minute when he could see her was for him like a priceless bliss.

- My dear friend, it's my pleasure, trust me to present you my wife, Persephone or as I like it to name her The oracle from Underworld says Mephisto, with some kind of euphoria like he was talking about an "erudite"prostitute.

- My martyr lord, you behave as I don't know that you married me just because you were bored, says Persephone with a wicked voluptuousness.

- And you, my angel of light, just because you were curious. I don't think I have to remember you that "Amantes sunt amentes" and that blood, vice, boredom and curiosity can make monsters, says her husband aroused.

Persephone lit a cigarette and she touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. Mephisto notices it and invites her wife to a maniacal dance, dark silhouettes accompanies them as they were all invited to a wedding.

For a second, Hitler thought that he is dead, everything was just beyond the normal limits and he felt drowned with astonishment. He began to come to his senses when he heard the melody everyone was dancing. It was "Silencio", by Beethoven, one of his favourites.The melody gave him the time to reflect over the things which were happening. After the song ended, he began to roar as a beast in suffering.

- That is my boy! says Mephisto satisfied.

- I'm not just the woman of your dreams, Hitler! I'm the woman who will tell you your future, says Persephone affably. As you might know the democracy periods are just some accidents and nothing more, the humanity was almost all the time shaken by storms, conquests and tyranny.You would promise to people the conquest of the world and when you do that, people will follow you, committing unbelievable crimes.You will come to the conclusion that the continuing terror is necessary in order to discourage any kind of idea of liberty and dignity. You will be more than happy to know that the masses are tired of the bourgeois liberalism and even of the idea of liberty, in general, because they don't have anything to do with it, so the reality is this: the masses in this century have obscure impulses of authority and domination like you.

- You also must know that the stairs of hell begin from up, where you can still breathe, but as you go down, the air stinks more, that's because at the last level, in hell, to be impossible to breathe, says Mephisto as a real bureaucrat.

- I want to conquer the world! To be honest, I don't care how many people I have to kill or torture for that to happen and in the same time, my childish Mephisto, I don't care if I will have an eternity with perpetual torment. I have a great goal and I will do what it takes to accomplish it. The history will remember me and the future generations will tremble when they will hear my name. I will be immortal like you, Mephisto, the devil from my heart! It's not the purpose of life not to be forgotten?

- The consequences, as in death, will be more spectacular than the simple act of death, says Mephisto pleased while he tears out Hitler heart from his own chest. Then he whispered to his ear: I told you I'm a prankster!

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