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Michael uses the Master PC program to transform his mother.
"Honestly Michael" his mother grumbles "I wish you wouldn't spend so much time on that damn computer"

Mike just rolls his eyes used to his mother's nagging. It's just typical of her, she never understands his hobbies, well he has a way to fix that now. With a few key strokes he brings up the Master PC program. He had found the reality warping computer program a few weeks ago and had been experimenting with its incredible power using it to play havoc with the lives of his enemies. He had already turned Tina Monroe from head cheerleader to an overweight slob with terrible BO and a compulsive need to masturbate. He was especially pleased with what he had done to Josh More transforming the bullying jock into a cock addicted big tited slut, the last Mike had seen of him he was on his knees in front of five if his former teammates preparing for a face full of cum from each of them. The best thing about the Master PC was no matter how much it twisted the bodies and minds of his victims reality changed so everything seemed perfectly normal with only Mike knowing that anything was different.

With a grin he enters the settings he wants and hits enter sitting back to enjoy the show. The changes take hold quickly the slim petite woman growing rapidly going from around 5’4” to a little over six feet at the same time new layers of fat bubble up under her skin stretching her baggy sweats tight.

“Oh my goodness…” she gasps her voice cracking as the pitch shifts down an octave.

Her breasts flatten out as her chest widens and her swelling belly swallows up the last trance of her feminine figure. Her face shits above her new double chin the fine lines of age vanishing as she seems to grow younger, downy stubble sprouting on her face. Finally a substantial bulge grows between her legs completing her transition from middle aged woman to sixteen year old boy.
Mike grins in satisfaction, he had always wondered what it would be like to have a younger brother and now he can finally find out. The new boy looks confused for a moment before his memories catch up with the new reality that has been created for him, he blinks and looks around until he spots his big brother.

“Bro! whats up?” he says with a smile “Hey is that a new game? Shift over I want to play too.”
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