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by anark
Rated: E · Short Story · Dark · #2052582
Origin story from my rpg character from 2 years ago. Just wanted to know if its awful.
The story of Soh
Soh is a kid from a relationship you would call , at least, weird. I guess there's not much things in pandemonium people could consider normal. It is a noisy, rough and not very welcoming place. He is lucky tho. Kind of. The place of his birth is called Madhouse, and as ironic as it is, its the most peacefull part of this particular plane. However, a respectable percentage of the Madhouse's populace is insane, deaf, or both.
His mother's name was Eleonore, she was a witch. She came from a long generation handling this nobel proffesion and i guess that was the core of all the bad things that happend later. She hated her family, hated the traditions, hated that from tousands of years every woman in her family was doing the same things. Always alone, without any kind of relation or love except the cold, respectfull one with her family.
Lets get to another parent of him. Her name was Amelia, born in Sigil. She never new her parents, had absolutely no idea what they did in life or why they abandonded her. It was Sigil, they might have been a customer and a prostitute, as well as two politicians from other plane just getting rid of her in the magneficiant, city of doors. She was just laying there, in one of the dirty lanes when they found her. Group of most talented alchemist in entire city standing over little child stunned by its unimaginable beauty.
She was a brillaint child, at the age of sixteen she knew everything there is to know about dark alchemy. She got bored and started to look for something else, something more thrilling. Thats how she first heard of Pandemonium. The horrible plane of caverns, wind, golems and dark magic. She knew that her destiny is waiting for her there. She found the portal and without a moment of hesitation jumped into it.
That was the easy part. She had some idea about citizens of Madhouse, but reality was way more unfriendly. After few weaks of searching she almost gave up.
But then. One evening she was just sitting in the tavern, dissapointed. It was very late and only customers left was drunks not able to leave and very few lost souls looking for the purpose in life.
She decided to go back to sigil the next morning and was just about to leave when their eyes met. When two people of exceptional personalities and history look at themselves for the first time, the energy that it produces is underscribable. Like an ocean just after the storm- calmer then anything but still fullfilled with rage of waves and lightnings. Eleonore was about twenty at the time, Amelia just two years younger. She got a apartment in madhouse and for next few years they lived in confidence. They have been teaching themselves their professions and after three years Amelia achieved her goal and became a rightfull witch.
All the things in life they missed, like attachment or warm relation with another person they found in eachother. They decided to enlarge they family by one member. They couldnt just adopt or abduct a baby, they loved every little thing about themselves and wanted to see this characteristics in their child. So they started to work on a spell, combination of all their knowledge as witches, and alchemists. It took long time, lot of travels and indegridiants but they did it. They found a way to create a living thing with genes of both of them.
It was the most beautyfull day in their entire lives. The child came to the world. It was a boy with dark hair and bright green eyes, Amelias. They named him.
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