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First article! First post! Not the best but would love some feedback! Thx!
Animals are one of my favoured topics to write about and I am going to tell you about 1 different animals which I think are interesting to read about each day! So one today, one tomorrow, one the next day and so on! Enjoy and leave some feedback!

1. Elephants
Elephants are the biggest and heaviest land animals alive today. There are two species of elephant, the African and Asian elephant. Surprisingly, perhaps, the elephant's closest living relative is an animal called the hyrax. This little furry mammal is no bigger that a pet cat, just a fraction of the elephant's size. Asian elephants can be tamed and have been used for centuries to tow logs and clear forests. There are phew Asian elephants left in the wild. Female elephants live in herds, led by an old elephant called a matriarch. African elephants live in all sorts of different environments, from the forests of central Africa to the deserts of Namibia.
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