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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2052630
This is my first short story for children can I get some feedback? Thx!
Once there lived a little lion who wished he had a family. He lived all on his own with no one to look after him and he wanted someone to look after him! One day he went out to look for his mum and dad who had left him on a rock in Africa ten years before. The little lion was called Charlie and his mum was called Violet and his dad was called Peter.

He started his look at the plains of Africa. he didn't find them there so he looked at the watering hole and he found a pride of lions with a male and lots of female lions, he asked around but no one had left a baby lion cub on a rock ten years ago. so he left the watering hole and left to go on a long trek to the city as that might be where they are. He packed up some food and began his walk, he walked for two hours and he saw a sign for the city pond so he went there. He saw lots of humans and he walked over to the pond, the humans all just screamed and ran away. Charlie looked around and was confused why everyone was running when he just wanted to find his mum and dad.

After the humans had run away from him the people from the zoo came and took him away, he was chucked into the back of a truck and taken somewhere strange. When he was let out he saw a female lion sitting on a rock looking at him, Charlie sat in the truck still shivering with fear. Then the male lion came and sniffed in the truck, he roared and said;
"Come out little guy!" He said
"But I am scared! I have been looking every where for my mum and dad and now I am stuck here and will never find them!" Charlie said angrily
"Where did they go?" He asked
"They left me on a rock in Africa ten years ago!" Charlie answered
The male lion stood for a minute and said he and his wife left a lion cub and he was caught too when he was looking for his son.
The female lion then stood up and ran over and hugged Charlie and finally Charlie had found his mother and farther!
The End!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2052630-The-lion-loses-his-family