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Sonja Zivic

EXP105: ~2~ Personal Dimensions of Education (GSA1529E)

10 August 2015

Self-regulate my Learning? ~3~

When I began this class, I knew that learning is taking in information around you. However, I didn’t know how this process is developed or that there are different aspects to learning. I felt that you took in the data and your brain. It chose what material is important to store. This is true to a point. I learned that there are patterns to learning, and that we can intentionally use these pattern in different correlations to meet the purpose for each new information that we need to learn. I would advise anyone to take a course in learning no matter what path you chose to travel in life. It makes thing so much easier, and I retain more than I did before I took Personal Dimensions of Education. ~4~

I have gained so much insight into who I am as a learner from this class. I know from taking the LCI, that I am a Dynamic learner. With the scores of Sequence of 24, Precision 29, Technical Reasoning 22, and Confluence 20.  The test helped me to understand why I struggled in the past on assignments, that the communication between my learning patterns help me to use them intentionally to a solution. It really opened up my mind to events that have happened in my life. I know now that I can call up Sequence, Precision, Technical Reasoning, or Confluence. I don’t have to always use My Use First Precision as I did before because of ignorance of their existence. ~5~

As a Dynamic Learner, I use three of my patterns as three of my As Needed patterns. I have one in the Use First category. This means that when learning, I automatically turn to my two Use First patterns to solve a dilemma before any other. My use As Needed patterns are the last patterns that I utilize. In the past four weeks, I have learned how to forge Precision and how to intensify the other three As Needed patterns. ~6~

Learning Patterns are as follows: Sequence score is 24. This pattern is one that I use as needed. I used this pattern to divide my time between family and school. I made lists of bulleted notes that were organized in short lists so that each chapter is easy to study at a glance. My Precision score is 29. I did not know that this was the first use pattern. As my First Use pattern, I now know that I automatically use Precision as the number one pattern putting it into action before using any other. In this class, I found myself using this even more. I had family and friends in two states to take the LCI test. I wanted to know more. I wanted to compare family members to see the similarities in their LCI results. I used too many unneeded words at times. My Technical Reasoning pattern score is 22.  This is a pattern that I use as needed. I found it hard put this pattern into my assignments. I still have to practice intensifying this pattern by tethering my Precision Pattern. I need to cut down on words that are not needed to make my point. My Confluence Pattern score is 20. This is another of my use as needed patterns. I used this pattern to create drawings to help me remember the phases of Metacognition. I took the time to use the diagram from the book filling in what I was doing in each phase. Examples: Where the word Mulling was, I replaced it with the word Brainstorming, and I also made a list of ideas. I replaced Content with three symbols or sentences that sums up the material. Each phase title is replaced on my diagram with what the phase means to me. This is how each of my patterns were used intentionally during this class. I also use this pattern to set a vision of my graduation in my mind as inspiration to keep going during the hard times. ~7~

When I began Ashford online classes, I did not expect to uncover the events of my own learning. I thought that I would move straight into my core classes toward graduation. I could not have been more surprised.  I first wondered, “What does this class have to do with my Degree in Health and Wellness?” As I worked in the class, I found the information fascinating. I could not believe that I had a choice of learning patterns to use in each situation. My expectations were surpassed, I loved the discussions. My classmates were insightful and kind in their reviews of my posts. I only contacted my teacher once, and was promptly answered with very helpful information. The only aspect that I would have like more of would be worksheets. That wasn’t a problem because I found many helpful sheets to print to practice the Learning Pattern information from internet searches. The videos were wonderful. I loved that there was one to watch on the instruction pages of my discussions and assignments. This was a class that I will carry with me through my education, future career, and personal life. ~8~

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