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can a cop really solve a crime when a were wolf is involved.
Prompt#1(2931 words)

Stephen prepared for what was coming. He could feel the burning within him, signaling the full moon was coming. He hated this time of the month as he knows how much pain and suffering the ‘other’ part of him caused when he gets loose, so during the month ago, he went into the mountains with enough chain to bind the beast to the face of the mountain and prevent him from satisfying its need to kill.

So when the time came closer, Stephen felt the burning deep inside him, he knew he had to go to the spot that he had prepared. So he took a small back pack, filled with some clothes and a little bit of food with him and began to climb up to where he had prepared for this time of the month.

The higher he climbed, the further the sun set in the west. The burning was much worse now, and Stephen began to show signs that he was in pain. As the sun disappeared from view over the horizon, he arrived at his spot. Time was of the essence for him now, the sky had become dark enough and the moon was about to rise. He threw his back pack off, stripped out of his clothes and hurriedly chained himself to the rock and now waited for the real pain to begin.

As soon as the moon broke over the horizon, the burning flared up started within him. Stephen screamed in pain as his body started to make the change. His hands and feet were the first to change, although Stephen can’t remember anything about the change, he never left consciousness. The change usually completed quickly after the start of it. This time was no different than any other time.

The silence of the forest was shattered by a howl of the beast. Once the beast was fully changed, it charged out to find something for the beast to eat. However the chains restrained the beast to a certain area. The beast tried as he might to break free from his prison but was unable to as Stephen had done well to restrain the beast.

A small high pitched beep moved through the air, as the chains began to shorten dragging the beast towards the rock. Once they stopped puling the beast had its back on the rock, his hands and feet bound by the unbreakable chains.

Enraged by the beast’s inability to move, the beast squirmed trying to get himself free of the rock as he really felt the urge to hunt. The beast was unable to break free of his prison, that didn’t stop him from trying. The beast pulled at the anchoring with all the strength it could muster.

Suddenly there was a sound that penetrated the forest, the ripping of metal; it was an ear piercing sound. The beast knew enough to keep on pulling harder. Suddenly the chain broke free of the stone, followed by the high pitched sound of a siren. The sound of the siren bothered the beasts hearing as he realized he was free, made a single leap into the bushes and vanished from sight.

He ran and ran through the forest; he paused long enough to get a scent from some passing animals. After looking around and smelling from the animals, it bolted towards where the scent was coming from.
As the rest of the night progressed, the beast hunted, killed and ate its prey, as dawn broke; Stephen opened his eye to a new day. He found himself lying on the ground near the rock where he had been chained the night before. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he wiped his face with his hand only to find his whole mouth area covered in blood.

“Dam,” he called out as he realized the chains didn’t work.

“Hopefully this wasn’t human blood,” he thought.

He was always weak after the transformation occurred, and today was no different as he struggled to get to his feet and make his way over to the stream he passed on the way in to wash off, and then put his clothes on and go home. The stream water was ice cold as the water cascaded down his face and washed the blood from his face and the rest of his body; it was definitely an eye opener for him this morning. After he was clean he noticed the stream of blood the floated away down stream.

“Someone may see that,” He thought,” I have to out of here before someone sees it.”

In a hurried pace , he searched for his back pack, dried off with the towel, got dressed and began to make his way back. Once he got close enough to the edge of the forest and the store which was located there, he waited and watched for anybody that would have seen him coming out of the forest. If the blood was found and traced to where he was chained, he couldn’t take a chance that he may be seen coming out of the woods. It was the morning rush at the Local superstore, and there were a lot of people rushing into and coming out of the store with their purchases. Stephan couldn’t take the chance at being seen, so he made his way to the back of the store and emerged there behind a dumpster, again he waited and watched for a good time to emerge and return to civilization. He didn’t have to wait for long before the right time arrived.

Once out in full view, he played it cool as he walked to the bus station and sat on the bench waiting for the sixty-five bus to take him home. But being morning rush at this store, it wasn’t long before he was joined by other shoppers waiting for the same bus with their wares.

Stephen said nothing but got more and more uncomfortable as more and more people showed up for the bus. By now the heat of the day began to kick in as the sun rose higher and higher into the sky, Stephen was feeling parched, as he always did after the change occurred, but this time he forgot to pack a few bottles of water in the pack before he came out here.

The bus finally sped around the corner of the building and Stephen saw it, and became relieved as he knew he was away from this area in a timely manner. The bus hissed at us as it came to a stop and the doors opened to let some people off before letting anybody on. Once the few people that got off were clear the people getting on moved slowly onto the bus each one paying the fare then continuing to find a seat.

He was the last one on, casually slipping his dollar into the machine and continued on with the people on the bus to find a seat, all the while the bus was waiting for him to sit down before continuing. Once he did the bus hissed again and lurched forward onto the crowded morning streets towards my destination.

It took him about twenty-minuets before, he reached up and pushed the button on the wall to signal the driver that someone wants to get off. Once again the bus slowed and then stopped , hissing like a snake the whole time before stopping. Almost as quickly the door opened to let him off. He walked quickly to get clear of the door, which hissed once again and the bus continued on its route.

He swung my back pack over my shoulder and began to walk across the field towards the house on the other side. The exhaustion was setting in as he fumbled with the lock for a minuet or so before the door opened. Once inside, he threw his pack on the couch, then he went to the Kitchen to retrieve a bottle of water from the refrigerator, which he, quickly opened and guzzled down, as a heavy thirst was normal after the change took place. The ice cold water felt good as it went down his throat, then was quickly followed by two more bottles.

Once his thirst became satisfied, He went into the living room and turned the television on, plopped down on the couch to relax a bit, and most probably fall asleep. After a few minuets, he began to nod off when I was disturbed by a rather loud knock on the door, followed by a few rapid pushes of the door bell. His eyes shot open yanking him back to consciousness.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” He remarked as he got up from the couch to see who it was at the door.

He stumbled across the floor, and was just about to reach the door handle again before the person on the other side of the door, knocked once again followed by several pushes of the door bell. This time, He opened the door as quickly as he could, revealing a couple of men standing at my door in suits. All three of us stood there waiting for the other to say something, the silence got deafening. He was now agitated, by being disturbed during what should have been his much needed sleep time, so he broke the awkward silence that ensued.

“Can I help you gentleman,” he said, using the term loosely in this case.

“Yes,” first one said as he whipped out a wallet with a gold badge in it,” I am detective smith and this is Detective Smalls, we are going around the neighborhood asking if any of you people, in this area, have dogs.”

“No, officer,” he answered in a rather sleepy tone,” I don’t own any dogs, cats or other pets. Pets and me don’t get along.”

“Really?” the second officer asked,” Why don’t they like you?”

He shrugged his shoulders, even though he understood all too well why.

” I don’t know officer,” I answered,” You’d have to ask them.”

“Oh,” Detective Smith remarked, “You are a smart ass, aren’t you?”

I apologetically said,” No, Detective, I’m not normally but I’ve been up all night and I just got home. I’m just tired. I’m sorry.”

“So you weren’t home last night?” Detective smith asked.

“No, Detective, I just told you I was out all night,” Stephen answered as he leaned on the solid wooden door, trying to stabilize himself before he fell over from exhaustion.

“So, you don’t know why there was some type of dogs around your house last night?”

“Nope.” I said as I shook my head.

“Ok, just asking everyone in the neighborhood about them.” Detective Smalls said putting his small notebook back in his coat pocket.

“May I ask why?”

“Well, it appears some type of animal attacked and killed a few people over by the lake, on the next block over.”

“Wow,” I was shocked and stumbled back a bit, “A dog you said?”

“Yes, someone saw a very large dog like thing in the area, going around the pond. Then found three bodies in their front yard as they came out to go to work. They were completely shredded to pieces. It was terrible.”

While Stephen steadied himself in the door way he stumbled a bit, then apologized to the officers but he had to go bed he was truly exhausted, which really wasn’t lying. They gave him a business card and told him that if he sees anything suspicious around the neighborhood to give them a call. They turned and walked away from the house. Stephen closed the door, locked it and went in and crashed onto the bed, and with in a couple of seconds was completely asleep.

The Detectives got into their car, get belted in, and began to pull away from the house.

“Did you smell dogs in that house?” Smalls asked.

“Yep, I did. Do you think it’s a coincidence?”

“Not likely. But strange that the neighbors even told us that he and animals of any kind don’t get along with him. They hate him and will do anything to get away from him.”

“That may be just talk. I don’t know what to make of it.”

“Nor do I… my friend, Nor do I.”

The car moved slowly away from the house as they made their way back over to the crime scene. It only took about a minuet or two before the detectives car pull up to the crime scene, the engine shut down and the two of them climbed out of the car as the coroner was taking what was left of the bodies back to the morgue.

“Final determination, doctor?” Detective Smalls said as he walked up to the Medical Examiner as he was packing things up to leave.

“It was either dog or wolf that did this.”

“Wolf or dog?” Detective Smith voiced his not understanding,” You don’t know?”

“It’s almost impossible to tell the difference,” the M.E. said,” the two species are so close in nature, there is no way to tell them apart at all.”

“Ok,” Smalls said whipping out his notebook again to make some more notes.” I’ll make a note of it.”

“But the big question is,” the M.E. continued,” A wolf big enough to do this… I don’t know.”
The Detectives looked up confused.

“What do you mean?”

“According to their Drivers licenses, they were both not small people.” He continued,” these two were over six feet tall and about three hundred pounds. Dogs don’t usually attack predators bigger then they are without protecting their litter, or for food. It doesn’t appear that they were killed for food, they are all here, and nothing was eaten.”

“Strange.” Smalls said.

“Very strange,” The M.E. said before shaking hands with the detectives, informing them hell check over what remains for any clues. If he finds anything he will let them know.

The detectives started again to talk to anybody who might know anything about this, they continued until it got dark before they gave up and headed home for the night. As they were about to pull away, they spotted Stephen at a bus stop, trying to catch the last bus to where ever he was going.

“Hey isn’t that the guy we talked to that claimed not to have dogs, even though we smelled them in his house?” Smalls said motioning to Smith as they passed the bus stop.

The day continued as the detectives began to search for any information, about this incident as they could get, as what they had was kind of useless by themselves. The two detectives were getting frustrated, as there was no information to be found, or maybe no one was talking about it.

As the day began to wain and the sky began to darken, the two detectives began to tire of this search and decided to head back to the station, and then call it a day. But as they pulled away from the crime scene, and stopped at a stop sign a hooded figure walked by them.

Detective Smith tapped his partner on the shoulder, he wasn't so gentle about it, either.

"What?" he asked.

Smith said nothing but pointed at the figure walking away from the car.

"is that him?" Detective Smalls asked.

Smith nodded slowly, as he looked back,” It looked like him, anyway!”

“Let’s find out where he goes at night,” Smalls said, and smith agreed. They past the figure, now waiting at the bus stop, then pulled down a side street turned around, parked and waited, with their lights off, for a bus to pass by them so they could follow him.

It was about ten minuets before a bus passed by the two police officers. As the bus went out of sight the car started up, pulled out on the road and began to follow it. The bus again hit its last stop for the night, the local super store. It hissed and stopped then the doors opened long enough for Stephen to get out and put his hood up, concealing his face and begin to walk towards the super store.

The bus's doors closed, its marquee went dark and it pulled away from the curb only to disappear back into the darkness. The detectives parked on the far side of the parking lot and watched as Stephen approached the building, but instead of going in, he went around the building.

"Did you see,he didn't go inside?" Smalls stated.

"Yes, I did," Smith said.

Their car sprang back to life and very cautiously followed him to the back of the building, keeping the cars lights off. They couldn't have been more than half a minuet behind him. Once they parked their car alongside the building, they began to look around the corner of the building, however they didn't see him.

Detective Smalls noticed a branch moving. He motioned for Smith that he had gone that way into the forest, so they carefully followed the trail he seemed to be following.

By the time the Detectives got back there, they could not find any trace of him. All the doors on the back of the building were locked, along with the dumpsters. Leaving the policemen confused as to where he went. They spread themselves out to find some trace of him, Detective Smalls found a well worn trail, and quietly began to follow it.

The trail took Stephen deeper into the forest, and the two detectives were following behind him

By now the sun had completely gone, but the moon had not yet crested above the horizon, which made the path hard to follow but they didn’t want to pull out the flashlights as that would tip him off as to their presence. After about ten more minuets of walking, they finally they found the rock face where they found Stephen naked and trying to chain himself to it.

“Well, well, well,” Smalls spoke up as they both approached him,” Look what we have here. Want to make up some explanation now?”

“Welcome Detectives,” Stephen said,” I’ve been waiting for you. I’m glad you’re here.”

“You are?” Smith asked.

“Yep, I am.” Stephen answered.

“So, are you going to show us where you keep the dogs, before or after we take you down town?” Smith said with a smirk on his face.

Stephen laughed as he watched them.

"you two really don't know much about what is going on here, do you?" he said.

"Well," Smith said," Fill us in."

"You wouldn't believe me, if I told you." Stephen commented.

"Try us," Smalls demanded.

Stephen just stood there, naked with the shackle,he was going to put on his wrist, in his hand. A smirk worked its way onto his face, as he thought about his situation.

"You said my house smelled like dogs," he said repeating what the detectives said as they walked away from his house earlier," It wasn't my house...It was me."

The two detectives stood there waiting for a punch line as they didn't understand what was he was telling them.

"You see," Stephen stated, in a matter of fact tone of voice," I am a were wolf."

The two detectives started laughing,

Smalls then commented," May be instead of handcuffs you need a straight jacket, kid!"

"I am no kid," I was born in the early forties and am actually older than the two of you, by a long shot."

Stephen felt the burning increase, which usually signaled the change was coming.

"your killing us," Smith said as he was bent over in laughter.

"Soon, gentlemen, soon." Stephen said just as the moon crested the mountain and started the transformation.

A loud crack was heard, Stephen, cried out in pain, as he started changing right in front of the two detectives, who stopped laughing and stood there as the color drained from their face. He continued screaming in agony no man should ever feel, as the change continued as he became more wolf than like a human did. Like most humans do when they are filled with fear, they began to scramble down the mountain to the safety of their car.
Within minuets Stephens screams of pain changed into a wolf‘s howl, which began to echo off the mountainside. It didn’t take it long for the wolf to catch both men. It toyed with them for a bit before their screams of pain could be heard echoing off the mountainside as well, just as a police unit found the detectives car, after they didn't respond to continued radio calls.

As dawn broke the next day, the scene of horrific slaughter of the two policemen became apparent. It wasn’t till about noon before the remains of the police were found, and they wouldn’t have been found if it weren’t for a note left on their car in the parking lot.

Naturally when the new Detectives took over the case they checked out the house and found it completely empty, as if no one had lived in it for a while. According to the landlord Stephen Mankind was the tenant, but the police never found anybody with that name, nor matching his description in any database they looked in.

After looking into the history, they found similar things happening around the country, at the same time of the month, and they will watch and wait for it to happen again… if it ever does.
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