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A story poem about a little girl's adventure.
Wait Wait Daddy Wait!

Little Daisy was droopy, too hot in the Sun.
Yellow flower, with orange to cheer everyone,
Alone in a crack of the pavement uptown,
seemed nobody noticed the flower with a frown.

But Sally, age five, while out shopping with dad,
took note of the daisy whose thirst was so bad.
"Wait wait daddy wait, Sally tugged at his hand,
this flower is sick ... this flower in the sand."

"The plant is a daisy, it needs water fast.
It's a hundred degrees, this poor flower won't last."
So he opened the bottle he kept in his pack,
Poured out every drop on the dirt in the crack.

"That should do the trick". Her dad giving a wink.
"good thing that you noticed that flower on the brink."
They went on their way for an hour or two,
then passed by the daisy to give it a view.

"Look look daddy look! The daisy's all well!"
"That's wonderful Sally, it's really quite swell!"
"It's God's little flower and you helped it out,
It needed an angel, of that there's no doubt."

The two returned home from their shopping around,
A month or more passed, since they watered that ground.
One morning they drove back to town, near the spot,
Where the daisy had drooped from the Sunlight so hot.

"Look look daddy look!" Sally yelled with delight,
"Our daisy has friends", her eyes fixed on the sight.
Six more seeds had sprouted, now lined in a row.
In the crack they had watered to help them all grow.

Some folks may need water, some others need bread,
Don't look at their plight, simply shaking your head.
Take a lesson from Sally who noticed a need,
And do unto others a similar deed.*FlowerY*

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