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A picture of a young girl from 1913 from my Great Grandma's collection.
Prompt: A picture of a young girl in 1913. Who is she?

Great Grandma had several photo albums. Her name was Edna. It is like she was a scrapbooker. She put handkerchiefs, postcards of birds and cats as decorations on the pages. I guess I get my scrapbooking talent from her.

I love looking at Great Grandma's pictures. She was a attractive woman and she spoke her mind. She was blonde when she was younger. She was petite and five feet. I loved her dearly as she did me. Like Rose in "Titanic", it was a woman's world and she wasn't a wife who just had tea parties. She was stern but sweet but didn't keep her opinion to herself. This is where I get it. That is how women should be. Not demanding but we have a right to have our say. Great Grandma traveled in a wagon train. She had a cure for warts. Once she had a bumble bee on her hair net. I was scared when I told her. She calmly took off her hair net, tossed it in her wood burning stove and said: "I fixed him. I need a new hair net."

There is a picture of her with a horse. I can't remember his name. This horse was special to her. You could tell by the picture that she loved this horse. She was fourteen. It was a black and white picture but he was a nice, big brown horse. He looked gentle. She was standing next to him with her face next to his. A beautiful picture that is priceless.

Mom says Great Grandma had a friend who was on the "Titanic" and drowned and Great Grandma had a postcard of the "Titanic" but we couldn't find it among her things after she died. She loved hats and she dressed up sometimes. She and Great Grandpa knew John Dillinger. Our family lives in Indiana and we are two hours away from Chicago. John Dillinger hung out at an old woman's house near by and he drove by my Great Grandparents house. He would tip and hat and wave at them. They waved back but didn't tell the police. Al Capone hung out near by, too and gangsters loved hanging around our area after robbing banks in Chicago.

Great Grandma once told a story of a man who cheated gypsies at cards and the gypsy man drew a circle around him and told him he was stuck there for three days. Guess what? For three days, he couldn't move out of the circle. Great Grandma bought him food and water and he slept in the circle. After three days, he was able to get out.

Some man tied a cow behind a tractor and made the poor cow run behind the tractor. Great Grandma took her rolling pin and threatened to beat the man if he didn't untie the poor cow. The man did and the cow had a home with my Great Grand parents for the rest of her life. Edna loved cats and had cats. She and Great Grandpa had dogs as well. They raised goats.

Great Grandma. She loved animals. She invited people for supper. She would give her opinion. She was a German woman and she nursed her stubborn father when he had gangrene. She cut off the dead skin but he died. He refused to see a Doctor. I work in nursing in mental health and I think I am a lot like Great Grandma. She lived to be 90. I hope I will be as lucky.

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