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Written for Life Laughable moments
I was a shy seventeen year old, working as a junior clerk for a large furniture company, when my funny Adolf and the Knickers story happened. The year was 1970, so if you are an oldie like me and are lucky enough to still have a memory, you will recall the dress code for young girls was mini- skirts. The shorter the better for most of us. I still laugh when I recall my dad's words. "You don't call that a skirt, do you? It just about covers your knickers."

Although we worked in the office, all the juniors took turns in helping out as a cashier in the large store in town. This was a job we hated and I mean, really hated. It had nothing to do with the job, it was down to the fact the store manager was a creepy old guy who loved to embarrass young girls by flirting and making innuendoes.

Okay, I am sure you get the picture. Now, let's get to the most embarrassing day of my life. The day started much the same as any other Saturday in the store, except for the fact that an area of the floor was being re- tiled.

It was about 10.45am and I was already bright red from some of the flirty behaviour of the creepy manager who was convinced he looked like Omar Shariff. In actual fact he looked more like Adolf Hitler. It was time for me to make tea for our break, something I liked doing as it got me away from him for ten minutes.

"Be careful, I wouldn't want you to get any tile adhesive on that lovely skirt" he shouted. I pretended I hadn't heard him, but pulled my skirt down a bit anyway as I got a cold shiver imagining his Adolf eyes watching me. Tea and biscuits on the tray, I was making my way back to my desk. I was so busy thinking about meeting up with my boyfriend that night that I didn't notice the missing tiles on the floor. All I remember was hearing Adolf shout "Hey! Ann, watch your step."

No sooner had he said the words than the tray flew up in the air, cups and biscuits crashed to the floor. I was head over heels, skirt around my neck, knickers on full view. I just wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. Of all the people to witness this embarrassing moment, it had to be Adolf.

He rushed over to help me up. My face must of been as red as a tomato. I pulled at my skirt to protect my dignity, maybe a bit to late judging by the smirk on his creepy face. Once he realised the only thing really hurt was my pride, he arranged a lift home for me. Back in the office, the other juniors and myself would go into a fit of the giggles every time we thought about the incident, which became known as, Adolf and the Knickers.

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