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Carlie is a cow that wishes she could fly.
Once upon a time there was a cow named Carlie. Now, Carlie was a big brown and white cow, just an ordinary cow, but she had a very unusual wish; she wished that she could fly. Everyday she would stand at the barnyard fence early in the morning and watch the birds flitter around. There were Robins, humming birds, and doves that came to visit Farmer Mike's farm. How she wished that she could fly.

Harry, was Farmer Mike's favorite horse and Carlie's best friend. Harry was very special , not only because he had wings, but he had won many ribbons for barrel racing, and Farmer Mike was very proud of him. Harry was taking his morning stroll around his corral when he saw Carlie standing next to the fence. She looked so sad and he saw the tears dripping from her eyes. Harry went over, stood beside her, and gently whispered..

"Carlie, are you staring at those birds again? You know of course that you can't fly."

'I know, Harry, but I can't help but dream. Look at them, they seem so happy, and I want feel very special. Just think, a cow with wings? I could do so much."

"But Carlie, you are special. Just think of all children that you help everyday! That is something I can't do."

Carlie wanted to be like Harry and fly. she thought of all things she could do. She could look down at the city, breathe in fresh cool air, bounce from tree to tree. She would be free. Then she thought of her friends. Harry the horse, Henrietta the hen, and Georgette the big husky goat. Harry was very important, he not only gave entertainment but he also helped gather stray cows for the market. Henrietta oversaw the hen house that produced healthy eggs for breakfast and that special time of the year,Easter. when all the children would gather to color and hide eggs. It was such a fun time of the year. Georgette, provided very special milk for children who had allergies, keeping them healthy was her main prority They each had an important job to do. Carlie felt that she just didn't count. All she wanted to do was fly and be free.

Carlie felt bad about wanting to leave the farm. She knew that she would miss her friends, but she wanted to be free. That night she went to sleep in her very own stall with the soft comfort of straw to lay down on.. The next morning. she felt very strange. Her ribs begin to bulge and thump up and down. Suddenly, wings began to come out. Carlie was very excited. Now she could be free, just like the birds.
Quickly, she ran outside and stretched her newly found wings, she flew across the barnyard and looked down. Carlie was so excited. She flew up and nestled in a nearby tree. All the barnyard animals looked so small. Looking down she wondered, was this what she really wanted? Carlie began to think. She wondered if she had made the right choice. Yes, she was free and able to fly, and she could go anywhere, but she couldn't stop thinking about the children...that was her job!.

Carlie loved her new found freedom, but she wanted to be home with Farmer Mike and her fiends too. But how important was she? It was then she noticed Jasper's mom sitting on a bench, crying. Jasper was a five-year old little boy who was very ill. He needed milk, only the kind that Carlie could give. Carlie could give extra rich milk with extra cream. Jasper needed that to help his bones grow strong, Without it, he would grow weaker and weaker.

Carlie had to make a choice. She then realized that she could have both. She could help Jasper and still have fun with her new friends and her barnyard friends. She watched and listened as Jasper grew up and became a famous football star. She and Harry would fly around the farm at night, Henrietta was busy getting the hen house ready for Easter, and Georgette was helping Michael down the road. They each had an important job to do.

Carlie settled down that night in her own stall with all the soft hay. She smiled as she closed her eyes. There was no place like home. She thought of Harry, Henrietta, and Georgette, how much more important could she be.
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