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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Thriller/Suspense · #2053301
Zelda and Tomonello sneak away for a meeting. Caz gets ambushed in the Neverland forest.

Family Jewels

In the land known as, Magog where the oldest creatures are known to flourish, the gnomes have at last chosen a new Queen to rule their lands. The ceremony will take place after the royal Emerald Scepter has been brought from the dangerous lair of the Slash-Back Dragon who guards it; only the bravest of the brave will risk everything to journey through the Firelands and Icy Core Mountains to get the scepter.

Tomonello has been waiting patiently by the mulberry tree for his love to approach. Looking at the sun to see how much longer he should wait, he feels a tingle on his arm and is engulfed in an embrace from his lover with her whispering in his ear, “I almost did not make it. There is double duty on the patrols because of the increase of suitors who have travelled far to compete in finding the Emerald Scepter.”

Turning around to face Zelda, he gives her a soft, loving kiss on the lips, “You and I know there is no need for anyone else besides myself to go on this journey. No one loves you more than I do,” With his right hand, he cups the side of her face, telling her, “I would do anything for you. To finally stop hiding us would be the best thing to happen. I will bring back the scepter and can be together, forever.”

Tomonello hears a crunch, crunch noise, giving Zelda one last kiss, he tells her, “Go, someone is coming. We cannot get caught now and risk execution when we are so close.”

Zelda did not waste any time picking up her skirts and running soft as a lamb in the opposite direction of the newcomer who finally shows himself. Tomonello approaches the man who looks like he has been in a fist fight, “Ho, there! May I be of service to you, my kind sir?”

Looking startled, staggering towards Tomonello, the stranger says in a shaky voice, “I was thrown from my horse, my lord. The forest is covered with them, taking everything,” Looking at Tomonello the stranger’s eye grew wide with fear, “There are hundreds of them, everywhere. I am lucky to escape with the clothes on my back."

Tomonello chuckles, “You think that you will survive the journey to the Slash-Back Dragon?”

The stranger looks up at Tomonello in his dark chocolate eyes, “With Omnibus and my faithful stead, I can do anything. I may not look like much at the moment, I assure you I am a force to be reckoned with.”

Chuckling to himself, Tomonello responds, “This I would like to see.” Tomonello approaches the stranger, puts his arm around his shoulder, bellowing, “Stanzo, please go to the palace to get a rescue party for...I believe I have not been properly introduced. Please forgive my rudeness. I am Tomonello and you are?”

“I am Caz.”

“My new friend Caz and make it snappy. Who knows what is left of his party in the Neverland Forest. There are legends where some people have not made it out of there alive. You are lucky to have the clothes on your back. Come, I will take you to the palace, my assistant will make sure all is taken care of.”

Tomenello mounts his white steed, pulling his new friend Caz up behind him. Turning the horse towards Neverland Forest he gives the command, “Home, Nellie.”

Caz starts to freeze up and starts shaking, “Wwhy aaare we ggoing thisss way?”

“We do have to go through the forest to get to the palace. This is also a good opportunity to face your fear.”

“No. I am not going back there. The little people are everywhere and they are vicious in their deeds.”

“Caz, do you realize that the princess, the hand you hope to win is a gnome like these ‘vicious creatures’ you speak of in fear?”

In the confusion, Caz replies, “The princess is a gnome? Now I would not have imagined. Mother did not mention any of this to me.”

“Do you ask your mother if you change your underwear?”

“What is the meaning of this line of questioning?”

“Just wanted you to know how ridiculous you sound.”

Caz realizes they are now in the forest, Nellie has taken them through about halfway to the palace at this point. Looking around everywhere with wild eyes, he is looking for the tortuous little people. “What is the meaning of this? I said I did not want to be in the forest and yet here we are.”

“We are almost there.”

“This place has eyes everywhere.”

“Yes, it does. The gnomes have the best in spy and intelligence detail. You you want to know or find something, enlist the help of a gnome. They will not harm ya unless they feel threatened. What were you and your party doing right before the ambush?”

“I remember we had stopped because one of our carts broke a wheel. This forest is a beautiful place and we thought there would be no harm in camping here for the night. The only problem we had was, no firewood. We did not have any and our scouts could not find any lying around, so we started cutting down a tree.”

“That was your first mistake. The trees here are thousands, upon thousands of years old. There are legends that some of the trees here were created at the same time as when this world was created. The gnomes do not take the desecration of their forest very lightly. You may be in some kind of trouble when I bring you to town, just to let ya know. You broke one of our laws and there will be consequences.”

“What do you mean? They will put me in jail for cutting down a tree.”

“Actually, it is worse than that. You will be put on public display for a period of time is more than likely. It is worse than jail.”

Caz mumbles to himself, “This cannot be happening. My mother said not to come back if I screw this up.”

“Do you have to ask your mother to take a shit too?” Chuckling, he says, “We are almost there and your fate is held in the balance of the Gods. May there be mercy on your soul.”

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