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this is a Story i Wrote two years ago...hope you like it and sorry for the Mistakes
Game of Destiny !

In a great kingdom named Mirrada lived a Beautiful princess who had never seen the light,sun rays had never touched her smooth soapy pale skin Although she is living in a kingdom whom the sun never left,in a kingdom which brave warriors and Righteous people live in an endless happiness and Safety .
They say that a long time ago people of this great kingdom were blessed by a Magical fairy sent by Gods rewarding them for their strong faith and good behavior, therefor they lived in an immortal contentment.
But in an old tower full of darkness,sadness,and the smell of death lives this cursed princess she was named Alexandra The legend says that 20 years ago her father ‘‘king Arthur’’ have made a Deal with a witch an evil one,after all the physicians and doctors failed in solving his issues, Arthur Promised the witch to give her all his Fortune if it takes just so that she heals his Beloved wife from the Demonic Possession ,she was just about giving birth to Alexandra and that’s what made Arthur even more worried.
To safe his wife the witch provided that the born child shall be presented as a gift for the master of Darkness the evil Greek god who was Exiled from Heaven. ‘’ones you sacrifice the Baby
.he shall never ever see the light again’’ said the witch
Furthermore, Arthur Had no choice but to give his child to this Evil witch,with tears in his eyes Arthur Accepted the Deal… Heaven only knows how much sad was Arthur when he Gave up his own child,so once he accepted the Deal immediately Elizabeth was Cured but she woke up with an empty Belly…it was the Price of Her Healing.
Alexandra was raised within the Confines of the Master of Darkness and his Wife Medusa,they Had never loved her. God only knows what was The Hidden Secret Behind keeping her there all that time ….but Destiny will Reveal the truth as soon as it’s Possible ,Alexandra as well as her « Parents » she always felt that she’s strange…she never felt their love …living in Darkness wasn’t that easy for her all what she had Seen since the day she was born is Darkness, Sadness, Evil,and Death, thus, Escaping was the right Solution to take.
So would Alexandra see the light for the very first time ? Or darkness would follow her for the rest of her life ? Would a charming prince Rescue her like what always happen in fairy tails ? Or king Arthur will ? Or she will be buried in darkness for ever !
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