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Rated: E · Short Story · Cultural · #2053389
A Medicine Woman passes into the spiritual realm, another takes her place

Medicine Woman

The time has come for Della to pass on her legacy to the next medicine woman. She has been in a trance since noon the previous day seeking and foretelling what is to come forth next after she passes from the physical realm to the spiritual realm. There has been one sighting of a possible chosen one, time will tell if the ancestors agree or not; they will need to agree for this transition to come to pass.

Bella has always been spiritual in her own way which many find to be odd. The dreams have come more often, the desert, the danger sign, the barren land and rocks strewn about, and the feeling of emptiness and unknown. These are the thoughts running through Bella’s head while she drives her Landrover jeep through the back roads of New Mexico. A spur of the moment road trip which kept bugging her until she felt the breeze in her face and felt the dirt of the desert in her face. This has been a dream come true, in a literal sense.

Seeing the danger sign is real, Bella began wondering what else about the dreams are real. Getting out of the car to look around, she spots a cave in the distance and walks towards it wondering what she will find. Walking cautiously, in the entrance, she sees what looks like a dark shape of some sort which she walks slowly curious as to what it is and also scared at the same time.

A head lifts up and in a raspy voice, Bella hears, “You are here at last. The new medicine woman. She always knows the way and may the ancestors, find you in their favor.” The old woman slumped in a heap with her last words being said and the carcass of her body left behind.

Bella looked around herself in shock about what just transpired, saying to herself, “What did I get myself into?

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