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Michael was a young man who lived all by himself except for Jordan, who was very special.
"Jordan! Jordan! Where are you? Jordan!" Michael ran from room to room, looking for his only friend, his puppy. What am I to do now, he wondered. Everyone that he ever loved had left him. His parents were killed last year in a car accident. It was just him and Jordan. Jordan was a white, fluffy little Cocker Spaniel. However, Jordan was very special because he had magic powers that he used to take care of Michael. He and Michael became very close. Michael needed someone to love and Jordan needed someone to care for. That day, Michael decided not to attend school because he had to find Jordan. He looked everywhere. Michael was so sad. He just couldn't believe that his best friend was missing. Tired and hungry he returned home and went to bed. During the night he had a very unusual dream. He saw big fluffy marshmallows, and they were coming to help him find Jordan.

Michael barely opened his eyes. "Jordan!" he yelled, but Jordan was nowhere. Kiki stood up and said, "Michael, I know that you are scared, but we are here to help you."

Michael, scooted back against his pillows. Marshmallows? How could they ever help me find Jordan?

Kiki walked over to the side of his bed and called all the other marshmallows into the room. Jonas, Marshall, Katie, and Benji entered his room. Michael wasn't sure of what he was seeing, was it a ghost? Big white fluffy things with little legs and arms sticking out. All he wanted was Jordan.

"Okay, Michael, let me tell you a little bit about us. We are from a special planet called Volcus. We have only one mission and that is to help people. Jordan is you're lost puppy who is very special and missing. We are here and want to help you bring him home—but, you must remember that you are the only one that can see us. Do you understand?"

Michael nodded his head yes. All he wanted was Jordan.


Mr. Travorsky threw Jordan in the pen. "Shut-up you stupid mutt!" he yelled. He came across Jordan sitting in front of Michael's house and thought that he would bring a handsome price.

Jordan was confused. Yes, he had magical powers, but he was to those for Michael only. All he wanted to do was to go home.

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