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You don't now is love until you have to write it down.
Maybe is a thing we do, this running away from each other. Until I realize is not and the only one who has been running is me. You have been here all this time and I never took you into consideration, I realized too late that I loved you after I had the urge to write it down; it was just too heavy of a burden. The first time I wrote it was about you, and since then I haven't been able to stop, which tells me that my love is still strong. The problem is that if there's something in this world that truly scares me is love, and you have that all over you.

Every time they ask me to describe the perfect men I think of you. Now you treat me differently as if you were scared; I think you gave up on me; I might have run so far you could not catch me anymore. But I didn't run away because I did not love you, I did it because I do. And the problem is that I don't know a thing about love, but I know about friendship so that is what I turned it to.

But then I didn't like any girl around you, and none of them were good enough. I want it someone for you that loved you body and soul, and I couldn't believe any of them did. How could they love you if they have only seen you at the club? If they have never heard you sing? If they have never saw you lost in thought? How could they dare to say they loved you? I saw girl after girl falling in love with your flesh and I couldn't stand it and thought nothing could be worse.

I was wrong, because then one noticed the same things I see in you, those things that kill me, and I couldn't deny her love for you even if mine was stronger. Maybe it was stronger just because I was the one feeling it, maybe I would never know. Now you have that girl, but it kills me to say that I don't believe you when you say you are happy. You don't sing, you don't play jokes, you don't fake being a fluffy cat and above all, you don't talk with your hands anymore. Did you used to do that just to irritate me? And why don't you do it anymore? I am sorry I run.

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