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Short Story
Chapter 1

Their first encounter was telephonic, not that romantic to start with, but in those days having an uninterrupted convention, even on a phone was a blessing.

In the back drop “Love Bites” on a conventional music system was being played, a mesmerizing voice from the other side said ‘Hello’ and it was replied after a while with the same level of simplicity. They started to talk, nothing much, may be they connected or disconnected only the angels or cupid knew, but they say simple encounters seldom have far fledged result, maybe it was a beginning.

The call ended without much of a promise, but they both were happy inside, hence a long drive was merited alone with loud music across the country side!

The week passed by quickly but deep down inside it felt like a rebirth, an awakening, life started looking beautiful and purposeful for them, they had hopped on to something new, which surrounded their existence, something in their blood, which kept both of them engrossed within this experience.

Their only lifeline was a phone; they didn’t meet for around a year, their story was complex, nobody knew what kept them together, but their destiny was already written, they had to be together, made for each other. They had to sing the carol of Eternity, one day !

Autumn turned into winter and then summer came, their virtual contact enhanced, both believed in each other, had faith, but they had never meet, never seen each other, was a little strange, being in the same town with common friends.

It was like a fairy tale, wherein a lot was hidden and the apparent seemed permissible and within the norms of purity. It was all happening slowly and had an essence of perfection.

The two young ones blossomed with fragrance that purified their soul and believe for each other’s loyalty.

The day they met, it should have been an ending, as all was revealed, but their souls made a beginning, they both cried, holding hands and sung the carol for eternity.

Chapter 2

In the mildest of the conjunction, one tear broke the embedded silence and loud noises felt like shattering the soul, the world seemed different, crazier and more uncertain.

After a period of nine months knowing each other, is this the end? Are you going to leave me, came a murmuring voice without much emotion, but tears started to flow endlessly, one after the other speaking of a legacy of an unprovoked love.

Did all of it had to end so brutally, the mind was clustered with too many thoughts; the car was moving at a relatively slow pace, but with the curves seemed too fast.

Do you love me, came a confident confrontation;

After everything that has happen such a question could only be naïve especially from a person who has been hurt more than he has been loved.

Yes, came the reply with such intensity and purity that his heartbeat seemed to stop and the words that came out in a simple yet comforting ways emphasized that “I will be always be yours”

The cries went louder and there between the two was placed a book of God, which they both held up and conferred their true love for each other, under the guardianship of God.

It was like a wish come true, in reality this could not have happened with all the lies, the story is long but for now love was in the air.

They both stayed together for a while and knew the “M.I.” their initials will stay forever and have a story to tell everyone who has loved or is in love.
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