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what happens when a spaceship crashes to a new world... I wrote this for a blog contest.
The ship had crashed. I, at this time, do not know why. I think we got hit by a meteor. None of the controls are responding to my activities.
“Dammit!” I exclaimed as I realized that the ships controls were dead.
I took a deep breath, to gather my thoughts and realized I had to look at the hull and see what damage was done, only then could I get a feel for the repair of the ship or if I was stuck here.
I carefully un buckled myself and stood slowly as I regained some form of motor control after being in cryo-sleep for so long, at least enough to move on my own across the ship to the doors. Once I had knocked enough stuff over trying to get to the door, I finally got ahold of the hand rail enough to pull myself up.
Once I was standing I pulled the air tester unit out and plugged it into the wall monitor. I quickly tested the air, and it was passible, although it was slightly thicker than ours was on Earth. It wasn’t a real issue from a safety stand point, it simply means that I will just get winded more easily. I opened the airlock and stepped out on to the unusual soil for the first time. I took my first deep breath of real fresh air that I had taken in nearly ten years. It was refreshing.
I was amazed at what I saw as I looked around at this strange planet and the forest that my ship had come to rest in. The flora and fauna on this planet had a red color to it, unlike out planet which had a green color. I’d be willing to bet it was the color of the chlorophyll on this planet. Everything felt the same as on earth, just a different color.

The air was filled with silence; only a few animal sounds could be heard in the distance, but nothing else. I closed my eyes and opened them again; thinking this truly was paradise for me, as I always wanted to be away from everybody. You see Earth is now so crowded there are no woods anymore, nor wild animals, it was all cities. Living quarters were stacked one on top of another for nearly five hundred floors, and that was a small apartment building. The population was expanding so much, at such a rapid pace that we had a space station for people to live in, and it was tethered to the Earth through a space elevator.
But here, in this peaceful place, I was in heaven. No one was living on top of anybody else, and there were no city sounds to fill your ears night and day. I really loved this place. I was mesmerized by the beauty and awe of this paradise I happened to find myself in.

I was suddenly snapped back to reality, and returned to the duty I already had, surveying the ship for damage. I walked slowly around the ship taking everything into consideration as I looked at the ship. It took me a while to do the evaluation, mainly due to the size of the ship, and the terrain that the ship tore up as it landed.
I did find some damage to the ship; however, it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t have repaired, given enough time, and materials. In my opinion, I was surprised that the damage I saw could have brought the ship down so easily, but needless to say it happened and all I could do is try to repair the damage to it. So, I quickly pulled out a tool kit and began to do some repairs. The work wasn’t hard, just very tedious, especially with the gloves I had to wear which protected my hands from cuts on the sharp metal. I had no emergency medical team here, I was truly alone.

While I was working, a soft sound broke through the sounds of this new land. It wasn’t much more than a whisper, but I heard it clearly. I looked around and saw a bush near the edge of the forest move a bit, as if someone had brushed up against it walking by. Not wanting to be surprised about anything, I grabbed the survival kit, and a weapon, from the ship, then began to pursue the unknown thing that seemed to be watching me.
I had no trouble tracking this thing, as the ground was soft enough to leave some deep impressions in it. In fact, I tracked it for about ten minutes before loosing the trail all together. I kept moving in the same direction until I came to the edge of the forest. I picked up a light trail of the creature, or at least I think it was the trail of it. So I followed it out of the forest and further from the safety of the landing site than I really wanted to go. It truly is not the best Idea I have ever had, but I wasn’t thinking. I had to know who, or what, in this case, was watching me and why.
The field I was walking through was a rather large one, bound on all sides by that red forest I just came from. It was easy to see where this thing was going by the trail it blazed through the stiffer, hip high red grass. I blindly followed it deeper and deeper into the open field.
“This could be a trap, “I thought into my head as I walked. This thought caused me to stop dead in my tracks and realize how much of a bad position I really was in. I was about a quarter of the way in this unknown field surrounded on all sides by this forest, and quite possibly this creatures friends, ready to destroy this invader into their world. I began to think no matter how fast or how far I went into this field, the thing seemed to stay ahead of me. At least until I reached about the center and then they would have had me where they wanted me.
“Hello,” I called out, with no answer.
I no longer kept on trying to catch this thing, and was getting winded so I back tracked slowly and cautiously until I reached the safety of the forest. Once I was fully into the forest once again, I found a vantage point to try and test my theory that this was a trap. I knelt down under the level of the underbrush in this forest to hide myself from what ever was going on here. I stopped by a tree of some sorts, and rested up against it, so I could catch my breath while watching what was going on.
I didn’t have to wait long as a sound of some rustling behind me as well as in front of me. It was there and then that I knew that ’it’ wasn’t alone; it had the advantage over me. I quickly removed my pack and retrieved the weapon from the outside pouch and strapped it to my side for emergencies and emergencies only. Then I picked up the pack, put it back on, and slowly proceeded forward, keeping as low as I could while being careful to watch behind me as well. I felt like the tables had been turned on me and now, I was the one being stalked by someone or something, I didn’t quite know which one, but which ever it was, I definitely did not have the advantage I wanted.
As quickly as I could, I made my way back. I quickly found a trail. Not sure if it was the the one that I was on before, but it seemed to be going in the same direction which was deeper into the forest.
After proceeding carefully, I came upon a part of the trail that was extremely thick with underbrush. The weird thing was that I don’t remember coming this way through thick underbrush, so I knew I was lost. I fought for nearly ten minutes before finding a log and sitting down on it. It was only then that I realized the underbrush had healed itself at the exact spot I was hacking away through it.
“Really?” I remarked as watched the strange under brush repair itself while I watched.
I couldn’t even see through it. I continued slowly, resting every twenty or thirty minutes before continuing.*****
I came to a clearing; a break in the forest, its red sand glistened in the sunlight, which was about thirty percent worse than earth’s sun, so I stayed in the shaded area of the forest. The sign was staked into the ground, the strange thing is it was written in my own handwriting.
It was about forty feet from where I was standing but the wind in there was considerably stronger that it was in the forest. I pulling my desert mask out of the bag and donned it.
Once I was ready I stepped out into the desert like area and came closer to the sign and saw a piece of paper that at one time had been attached to the sign, but had fallen off, from what it looks like a long time ago. The wind shifted a bit and it uncovered something buried in the sand about one hundred feet behind the sign.
I walked over to it unburied it and it was a note, on bright yellow paper, explaining to me where I was. I think the most disturbing thing is that it was written by me to me. The letter went on to explain that this place was at the center of the past, present, and future, all converging on the same place. It was a sort of cross roads of time, and that I really am alone here, and what I have been chasing is me from the future, and me from the past was the thing following me. And that there truly was no way out.
As I made my way back to the ship as I was out of water, I rested at the fallen tree I rested at before. I took my last gulp of water from the bottle, and put the bottle back into the holder when I caught sight of something metal in the forest not too far off the trail. Once I was rested enough I investigated it, as I drew near what I saw cemented my mind as to the idea that I wasn’t getting out of this place. What I caught sight of was the body of a space traveler from Earth in his flight suit, with a back pack on his back. I really didn’t need to check because I knew it was me, and I will die here, but at the same time I will live here as well, either way. I’m here…

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