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Four friends set out for a mountain adventure, where they end up surprises them all.
The view this morning was spectacular. The sun was breaking through the fog, creating a glittering mist on the snowy trail the four friends had been hiking on for the past hour. The air was brisk this morning and the snow crunched under their feet, but by midday it should be in the forties and the snow would be melting.

The climb was gradual and they were making good time. Later in the spring, after the snow was gone, this would be a drivable trail to the cabin they were heading for, but not for another month, maybe more. The cabin belonged to Keith’s family, and they kept it well stocked with dried and canned foods, even through the winter. There was also a well, with a hand pump in the cabin’s kitchen, so there would be a fresh supply of water. This was all possible because of the hot spring beside the cabin. The water moved along under the rock the cabin was built on, keeping the small building from freezing up in the winter.

There was also a stone fireplace, and ample wood to make it toasty warm, even on the coldest nights. Keith had heard his mom and dad talk about the days before kids, when they would trek this same path up to the cabin, enjoying the pool the hot springs flowed into, before cooling and continuing their journey down the side of the mountain.

Keith had told his friends this story, and they all wanted to experience this warm pool with snow all around. All through the winter plans had been made for this weekend, and all four carried packs with supplies in them. There would be plenty of canned food, plenty of dry food, but no fresh food, so they had purchased meat, some potatoes, vegetables, and even some fruit. They were looking forward to kabobs roasting over the flames in the fireplace after an afternoon in the steaming pool.

He knew for his parents it was more than just fun with friends, it had been a romantic get-a-way. But for Keith, Wanda, Joe, and Lucy, it was just a friendly adventure. They had been friends for many years; Joe and Keith went to school together, and had been best friends since first grade. Wanda and Lucy were sisters, barely a year between them, and also best friends who went to the same school, and they had befriended Keith and Joe about five years ago. The four were all but inseparable.

They had gone half way to the cabin when Lucy slipped on a patch of ice and fell down. She had dropped back a bit and was in the rear, but cried out when she fell. Joe helped her up and said she was alright, just twisted her leg a little. But, when she tried walking, it was apparent it was more than a little sore. With her boots on, there was no way to see if it was swelling or not, and even though she knew it wasn’t broke, they all knew she wouldn’t be able to continue on.

Sounding a bit disappointed, Keith was the first to say they should go back, and try this in another week or two. Both Wanda and Joe agreed, but Lucy felt terrible about them missing this chance to enjoy the springs. “We may not get another chance to do this until next spring. You know how much it’s supposed to warm up later this week, and the snow will be gone fast. We planned this all winter, let’s just try and make it the rest of the way.”

Keith shook his head, “Lucy, this is the easy part of the trail, soon it is a steeper climb, and it’s going to be difficult with the ice under the snow. What if you slip and hurt that ankle even more? No, we can try this again next weekend, or the weekend after. We will just do two days instead of three, and if the snow melts, it melts.”

The others nodded in agreement. But Lucy shook her head, “No, please. I don’t want to ruin this for everyone. It’s just a stupid ankle, and I’m sure I can make it back down to the car, it wasn’t that hard of a hike this far, and I can drive all right. I’ll come back and pick you up on Sunday.”

Keith was surprised when Wanda agreed with her, “If you’re sure you don’t mind us going on?”

He was even more surprised when Joe said, “I’m going to go with her and make sure she makes it home alright. I wouldn’t feel right leaving her on her own not knowing how bad her ankle is. Besides, what if she finds she can’t drive once she is back at the car? You said there isn’t much for phone reception at the cabin, and she may not be able to call anyone to help her.”

Keith told them again, “We should all just call this one, and go back, we’ll get another chance to do this.”

Now, all three of the others shook their head no. “Joe’s right, I should have some help, but I’ll feel awful if you two don’t go on. It’s bad enough that Joe is missing out, but if he doesn’t mind, maybe we can do something else and then after we can get together and exchange our adventures.”

Joe looked at Keith, “Take Wanda and go on, we’ll be fine. If the weather holds and things work out right, we can try this again next weekend, like you said. You and Wanda can get things ready and then hopefully next weekend we can all four do this again.”

Keith was going to protest, but the other three were now all in agreement. Wanda smiled, “Come on, Keith, let’s get the cabin cleaned up and ready for next weekend. You said it yourself, it’s going to take a day just to get the place ready after being closed up all winter, and we can do that now. Then we can check out the springs and the pool and salvage out the trip.”

Keith nodded, “If you’re all sure about this? I do really want to enjoy that pool while there’s snow, and we came this far already. Yea, we can clean the cabin and get everything ready.”

They talked a few more minutes, then Keith and Wanda watched as Joe helped Lucy back along the trail. Once they were out of site and they both felt confident that Lucy and Joe would be fine going back, they turned and walked side by side in the snow. They had transferred everything to their backpacks, and the added weight made it a little more difficult for them. When they reached the last part of the trail, which was steeper, they helped each other, being careful not to slip on the icy patches underfoot.
They stopped at the top of the climb to rest for a few minutes, sipping on bottled water from Wanda’s pack. Then followed the trail around a curve and onto a pretty flat and wooded area. The trees blocked their view, but Keith knew it wasn’t much further to the cabin. Another twenty yards and they entered a small clearing, the old log cabin sat right in the middle, and just ten feet to the left was the pool, steaming in the cold mountain air.

They put their packs down by the door, then walked along the side of the cabin to the pool. There wasn’t any snow along the path, it seldom stuck to the rocky ground heated by the springs that fed the pool. The pool itself was only about five feet deep, a natural basin in the hard granite that held the water that bubbled up out of a fissure in the rock. It was almost perfectly round, about ten feet across, and the water flowed gently from the pool on the far end, where the ground was a bit lower, forming a stream that wound its way down the mountain.

“We’ll have to get a rake and clean up these leaves and pine needles, Keith. Doesn’t the pool get full of them, too?”

Keith smiled, “Yes, it does, but it’s pretty easy to clean them out. We just take the rake right into the pool and work them up off the bottom, sweeping them towards the creek over there. The natural flow makes it easy, and the current takes them right into the creek and down the side.”

They turned and went back the way they had come, grabbing there packs and going inside. Keith had brought the key with, and when he unlocked the door and opened it, a musty closed in smell filled the doorway. “We should open some windows and let it air out a bit while we clean things up and check it over.”

He went to the nearest window and opened it while Wanda looked around the cabin. They had entered by the only door, stepping into the main room. There was an old recliner by the fireplace, and a couch by the opposite wall. There was a thick rug covering most of the wood plank floor in this room. To the rear, by the pool, was a small room with a double bed and a dresser. Opposite was the kitchen, a lean-to that had been built on by Keith’s dad. It had a small picnic table, a counter on the outside wall, the single sink with the hand pump, and an old wood burning cook stove.

The place was dusty and musty smelling, but in good shape. Now that Keith had all three windows open, it was airing out fast. A curtain covered a small pantry in the kitchen, and Wanda seen it was well stocked with canned goods, and the dry foods were all in metal canisters. It all felt very cozy, and she smiled.

“Well, what do you think? It’s not very modern, no electricity, and you have to jack the pump to get running water, but it’s kind of nice.”

“I didn’t see a bathroom, Keith. Where are we supposed to go… you know?”

There’s another little shed behind the cabin. One side is for storage of tools and stuff, the other is an old fashion outhouse. Well, it was, but my dad had to put a tank under it that we can pump out each fall.”

“An outhouse? Do you mean we have to go outside to go potty? And you just kind of didn’t mention this beforehand? Wanda had a scowl.

“It’s not so bad, although it’s probably kind of cold this time of year. But, there’s a lantern in it, it’s insulated, and it’s not so bad. Oh, and there’s also a small propane heater in the storage side we can use out there.”

Wanda excused herself to go check it out, stopped at the door and asked if it was already stocked with toilet paper. “Yes, and there’s a cabinet on the wall with more in it.”

While she was out exploring the outhouse, Keith started a fire in the fireplace. It was about sixty degrees in the cabin when they first came in, but it had cooled down some with the windows open. By the time Wanda returned, the fire was taking off, giving a faint smell of smoke to the room, a bit more light then the windows let in, and the crackling and popping made a nice, relaxing sound.

Keith had also closed up the windows, and was sweeping up the dust bunnies that had accumulated on the floors. Wanda joined in, wiping everything down and then using a carpet sweeper to clean the rug. Keith lit a couple of lanterns that were suspended from the ceiling, then took the meat out and packed it in a cooler that he took from under the kitchen counter. Next, he scooped up snow and packed around the items that needed to be kept cold and put the cooler back under the counter, out of the way.

They had been working hard, and by the time they finished, they were both getting hungry. Keith started a fire in the cook stove and put on a can of beef stew to heat while Wanda roasted up some sausages on a rack in the fireplace. “This is so medieval, Keith, but I like it; it’s kind of fun.”

Keith put the stew and a couple of bowls on the half sized picnic table, and Wanda brought in the now sizzling sausages. “I can hardly wait until after we finish eating to go try out the pool, Keith.”

“Yea, I know. He took another bite of the sausage, then added, “We will have to clean it up a bit before we can really enjoy it. Once we rake through it and stir it all up, it gets kind of cloudy until the water current takes out all the old water and fills it in with clean. I don’t think it would hurt anything, but my dad always rinses down after and makes us wait until the water is clear again. If you can fill up those two five gallon buckets and set them by the fire to warm up, I’ll do the work in the pool.”

“Warm up the water?” She asked.

“Yes, to rinse off with. It’s really cold coming out of the well, so we put it in buckets by the fireplace to warm it up. We could heat some on the stove, but I think it will be fine just letting the fire warm it some. Once I get done, I’ll rinse myself down good, dry off, and then later, this evening, we should be able to enjoy the pool.”

Keith cleared the table and told Wanda he would heat up some water to wash dishes in after he came back in, then went to the shed, got a yard rake and went around to the pool. Wanda watched him for a few minutes as he cleared away debris around the pool, then went and started pumping water into the buckets. She set them close to the fire, but far enough back they wouldn’t melt. Keith came back in and vanished into the bedroom, returning shortly after in a pair of sweatpants. No shoes or socks on his feet, bare chested, and ready to wade into the pool to clean it out.

Wanda watched from the window of the bedroom as he waded out and began sweeping along the bottom with the rake. Leaves and debris floated up and he directed them towards the stream at the far end. The current feeding into the pond did most of the work, and soon he was wading back out.

She went back into the main room and soon after he was at the door. “Bring out a bucket, will you?”

She grasp the handle with both hands and carried it to him in the doorway, careful not to splash any over on the rug. He scooped with his hands and rinsed down his face and arms, then his chest. “Can you bring me the other one, too?” He asked her, then added, “And then shut the door for me, so I can get out of these dirty pants and rinse down.”

She smiled at the thought of him standing there nude, rinsing himself down, but kept it hidden. Soon she returned with the bucket, “Do you want a towel to dry with after you rinse down?”

“Yea, that would be a good idea. And could you grab my jeans from off the bed, I’ll need to put something on before I come back in.”

Wanda smiled again, and thought to herself, “you wouldn’t have to for my sake.”

She returned with a towel and his jeans, then went in and shut the door. As soon as the door was closed, she went to the window and peeked cautiously out. Keith was facing away from the cabin, but turned slightly when he grabbed the first bucket. He had his side to her, and she was admiring his well-toned body as he hoisted the bucket up and poured it over his head.

Keith almost dropped the bucket when the cold water hit his skin. It had warmed some but not enough to be comfortable. Also, now that he was wet, the cold afternoon air was raising goosebumps all over his exposed skin. Hurrying, he scooped and rinsed his legs, then lifted the second bucket and dumped it over his head again, trying to go slow enough to rinse over his entire body as the water cascaded down. By the time the bucket was empty, he was freezing. He briskly rubbed the towel over his body as he moved closer to the cabin and the doorway. He was on the step now, and Wanda couldn’t see him anymore, but she sure enjoyed the view while he was turned and walking towards the cabin. An old song struck her and she giggled. “Just a swinging, yea we were swinging.” She sang the few words she remembered, then giggled again. But stopped herself when Keith came bursting through the door and rushing towards the fire.

“I’m about froze!” He shivered and moved as close to the fire as he could get.

Wanda went out and grabbed the two buckets and returned them to the kitchen pantry. “Was the water still that cold?”

“It was freezing, we should have let that warm up a lot longer. Next time I’ll know better. It’s getting colder out, I think. It’s hard to tell after being in the warm water of the pool and then back into the cold air with wet skin. I was fine until I took off my sweatpants and the cold air hit my wet skin, then the cold rinse about did me in. I think a heated shower would be a nice addition to the cabin,”

Wanda had water on the stove heating to do up the dishes, but instead she filled a cup with the steaming water and added some hot chocolate mix she had seen in the pantry. She brought Keith the cup of steaming, sweet liquid.

“Thanks.” He smelled the contents then took a sip. “This will warm me right up.” He sipped again, “This doesn’t taste right.”

“I added some brandy to it, to help you warm up.” She smiled at him then added, “Does it taste that bad?”

“No, it’s not bad, just didn’t taste right. Now I know why – there’s brandy?”

“Yes, a big jug of it in the pantry and a couple bottles of wine, too.”

Keith was warming up quickly and soon had the cup of hot chocolate empty. “How about another, that was pretty good.”

Wanda poured another cup of hot water into his cup, then filled one for herself. Soon they were both sitting on the couch sipping on the brandy spiked hot beverages. “I had the water heated up to wash our dishes, but this is a much better use of it. I’ll put some more on to heat after we finish these.”

By the time they finished, Keith was nice and warm again, and they both had a bit of a buzz going form the strong mixed drinks. He put more wood on the fire and in the stove, then they heated up water while they enjoyed yet another cup of spiked hot chocolate. By the time they finished this cup, the water was steaming and they worked side by side in the little single basin sink washing up the dishes from earlier.

The sun was setting low by the time they finished up the dishes and had them put away. Keith explained that it got dark fast up here, the sun setting behind the mountain made for an early night. “Is it too late to relax in the pool?” Wanda asked.

“No, but we will need to light the lantern in the bedroom so there’s more light back there, it gets pretty dark once the sun drops behind the mountain.” Keith went back to the bedroom, lit the lantern and turned it up, then set it on the dresser, in the window. He told Wanda as he closed the door, “I’ll change quickly, then you can put your swimsuit on.”

She barely caught the end with the door shut already. With a big smile, she whispered to the closed door, “Why not change together, I already seen everything anyway.” Of course, on the other side of the door, Keith didn’t hear anything.

Soon he was back out, fully dressed except barefoot. “I thought you were putting on swim trunks?”

“I did, but I put my pants and a sweat shirt on so I can cover up when I come back out, the airs cold out there.”

“That’s a great idea, I’m glad I thought of it.” Wanda said as she walked into the bedroom.

Keith smiled, “Yeah, I’m glad you thought of it, too.”

Within a few minutes, Wanda was back out, dressed the same as when she went in, except barefoot like Keith. “Let’s go.”

Keith put another log on the fire, then took the lead out the door, with Wanda close behind. She followed him to the pool, watched as he stripped down to his swim trunks and waded out. He was out a few feet and then sat down, just his head and shoulders above the water. The steam was thick in the evening air, and tiny ice crystals formed and glistened in the last few rays of sunshine streaming through the trees.

Keith was watching her, “Are you coming in or not?”

“Yes, I am. I’m just kind of nervous, so don’t rush me, okay?”

“What’s to be nervous about?”
“Just hold on, you’ll see soon enough.” Wanda turned her back towards the pool and Keith. She started to lift her shirt, then stopped. She turned back and looked at him, difficult as it was to see him clearly through the thick, sparkling mist. “Don’t say anything until I tell you, okay?”

“Sure, but why?”

“Just promise me. Not one word, not a sound until I tell you it’s alright to speak. Promise me?”

“Okay, not a word. Not one peep until you say, I promise.” Keith made a gesture with his hand that he was zipping his lips shut.

Wanda took a deep breath and whispered softly, “Just do it and get it over with.”

Still facing Keith, she lifted her shirt with one fast pull. Then without hesitating, she dropped her jeans and stepped out of them. She blew out her breath, drew in another and walked out into the water, to Keith. She couldn’t tell if he was happy or upset, the steam was too thick but he was keeping his promise to be quiet.

Keith was totally taken by surprise when Wanda lifted her shirt to reveal no bathing suit top, just her bare breasts. He was even more surprised when she stepped out of her jeans and walked towards him, completely nude. He let out a small gasp at the site of her beautiful body naked except for the vail of mist that swirled around her as she waded to him. He couldn’t of said anything if he tried, he was that surprised.

She waded right to him, then lowered herself down into the water, and right onto his lap. Before he could respond, she put her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her as she kissed him on the lips. After a short, but passionate kiss, she leaned back and looked at him.

He still couldn’t talk, but had managed to at least return her kiss. “Okay, you can talk.”

He just held her on his lap, her arms still behind his neck, but said nothing. “Are you upset? Say something.” Wanda paused then added, “I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long, Keith, I’ve wanted you for so long.”

He finally found his ability to speak, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. His mind raced with all the times he had fantasized about kissing her, of all the times he had woken in a sweat after dreaming of making love to her. He thought how many times he had wanted to tell her he was in love, but couldn’t. They were friends, that’s all. But now she was sitting on his lap, nude in a steaming pool. Now he could finally tell her how he felt about her and he couldn’t talk. He tried, but no sound came, so he just pulled her close and kissed her again.

This time the kiss was very passionate, and both held on until they had to stop and breathe. Then she stood and pulled him up into the chilly night air. Standing in front of her, she reached down and untied his trunks, then lowered them. He didn’t resist, and when she had them past his hips, they just slid right down. He stepped out of them and pulled her close to his body and kissed her again.

They lowered themselves together into the hot, steaming water, and once again she was on top of him. This time his hands explored her nude body, caressing and feeling her under the water. Her hands were busy exploring him and their lips continued to find each other’s. Finally she pulled back and looked at him, “I’ve been in love with you for all these years, but I didn’t think you loved me back, except as a friend. It was the hardest thing to hide my feelings and desires, Keith, but I was afraid you wouldn’t feel the same. I hope I didn’t ruin our friendship, but I just want to love you and I want you to love me back.”

Keith kissed her trembling lips, then took a breath. He finally found he could talk and told her, “I’ve been feeling the same, Wanda. I don’t know when I first realized I was in love with you, but it was a long time ago. I’ve so often wanted to tell you how I feel, tell you I love you, tell you that I wake at night after dreaming about being with you.”

“Are they sexy dreams, Keith?”


“Tell me your dreams, I want to share them, and I’ll share mine.”

“I have a better idea, come with me.” He took her hand and led her out of the pool into the cold, dark night. They had to move slowly, it was dark and hard to see the path around the cabin, and by the time they reached the door, they were very chilled. Keith led her inside, both still very wet and both still naked, to the fire. He held her close and kissed her, then lowered her to the rug in front of the fire. They kissed and caressed each other there, on the rug, warming quickly to heat of the fire, and the fires burning within.

Wanda asked if this was how it was in his dream. “In one of them we are like this. We make out on the rug and then I…”

“You what? Tell me, please. No, wait – show me.”

Keith kissed her again as he rolled her onto her back. Then he was between her legs, he was stiff and felt himself pressing against her warm moist pussy as he kissed her lips and then licked his way down her chin and neck. His eager mouth was soon licking and sucking her breasts, her nipples and then his tongue worked down her tummy and into the soft hair of her mound. Without stopping, his tongue unfolded her damp lips and found her clit. Keith settled in and licked, sucked and enjoyed her as she squirmed and moaned for him.

He didn’t stop until she had come several times. The last time she had screamed out and grasped his head pulling him in tighter as she bolted and bucked beneath his tantalizing mouth. Then she arched her back and Keith felt a flood of warm fluid fill his mouth and spray his chin. Wanda collapsed back down to the rug as the last of her orgasm sent rippling waves through her body.

Keith rolled to the side and scooted himself up to her. “That’s even better than in my dream. Way better.”

Wanda didn’t say anything, she just rolled onto her side and kissed him full on the mouth. Then she was over him and kissing her way down his chest. She stopped midway and looked at him, “This is how it works in my dream.”

She continued kissing him until her lips rested right on his now throbbing head. Her tongue flicked and licked over his head, then down his shaft. Once she reached the base, she used her teeth to nip at him as she worked her way back up and then, at the top again, she took him full into her mouth. Even as his hips pushed up, she was pulling back and slid her hot mouth right off of him. She kissed her way back up to his lips, kissed him deeply, then stood up, one leg on each side of him. As Keith watched, she lowered herself down and guided him, with her hand, into her.

This first time ended rather quickly, but both Wanda and Keith orgasmed together. After, they lie together, holding one another as they kissed and caressed the other. After a while, Keith got up and went to the kitchen. Neither spoke, but Wanda watched as her dreams came to life before her. Keith dug in the cupboard and then went to the pantry, returning with two cups, a corkscrew, and a bottle of red wine.

“Not exactly wine glasses, but I guess they’ll do just the same.” He said as he handed her a cup. She sat up and he sat beside her. They sipped at the wine and talked about how they had both shared the same feelings for the other over the years, but both been too afraid to speak about their true feelings.

“Do you think this will change our friendship?” Wanda asks as she sipped at the bittersweet wine.

“Yes, but in a good way. Now we know how each other feels, and we will not only be best friends, but one day, we’ll be married to our best friend.” Keith answered.

Wanda smiled and set down her cup, then reached over and took Keith’s, setting beside her own. Then they made love again, more slowly, as the fires slowly burned down. They made love through the night, then watched as the sun began to rise and turn the sky a fiery red. Keith went to the bedroom and returned with a quilt, stopped and put a couple of logs on the glowing embers left in the fireplace, then settled back in next to Wanda, pulling the quilt over both of them. Lying together, they watched the sky glow brighter, filled with streaks of red, orange, and purple.
They lie together watching as sleep finally overtook them. There, snuggled under the warm quilt, the fire burning in the fireplace, wrapped in each other’s arms, they slept through the morning and into the afternoon. They may have slept on till evening had they not been awakened by a blast of cold, wet air.

The wind swept into the cabin, carrying snow with it, when the door opened that afternoon. Keith woke with a start, but Wanda snuggled deeper into his arms before she opened her eyes. “Where’s that cold air coming from? Did the fire go out?” She turned and looked at the now dying embers of their fire.

Keith didn’t answer, and she turned and looked at him, followed his gaze to the doorway, and Joe standing in it. Lucy was pushing past, “Let me in, it’s freezing out here.”

Then, the two of them stood just inside the door, still hanging open letting the cold, snow filled air blow into the cabin. “Close the door, it’s freezing.” Keith told them. Joe reached back and pulled the door shut.

“What’s going on here?” Was his only reply.

Lucy looked at Keith, then looked at Wanda. “Yes, just what have you two been doing while we were gone? You said you wanted me to get Joe to take me home for the night, so you could be alone with Keith and tell him how you feel. I think you did more than tell him!”

Wanda looked down with guilty eyes, then looked back up at her friends, then turned to Keith. He was looking at her, a surprised look on his face, “You mean to tell me you planned this? You were all in it and set me up?”

Wanda nodded, “Are you upset?”

“No, just surprised.” Keith smiled, then added, “So, Lucy’s ankle is fine then, it was all planned?”

“Well,” Lucy answered, “It was planned, but the slip and fall were real. I was still trying to think of a way to get Joe to leave with me when I fell, and I just kind of used that as the means. It did hurt, but by the time we got back to my house, it was feeling better. I iced it and this morning it was feeling pretty good, so I called Joe to see if he wanted to bring me back up here. Well, he did, and here we are.”

Joe smiled, “I didn’t know we would be interrupting you two love birds, though, or I would have let you enjoy the whole weekend.”

“That’s alright.” Keith stated, “It was a wonderful night, but it’s kind of nice to have our little group all back together for our planned trip. At least, I don’t mind, do you Wanda?”
“No, I think it’s grand. We had our night, we are both in love, and now we can share it with our friends.”

They both looked over and Joe and Lucy, “I hope you guys are all right with this.” Keith said.

Joe smiled a very devilish smile, “I guess Lucy already knew there were feelings, and she told me on the way down the mountain. I thought it would be a good time to open up and tell her I had feelings for her. Well, it was kind of awkward for a bit, but then she leaned over and kissed me. Turns out Lucy and I have both been having feeling for each other, too. Only we stopped with just some kissing.”

They all laughed, but the room got very quiet when Lucy turned to Joe and said, “Looks like we need to make up for some lost time, they’re ahead of us.”

Joe smiled, “Yea, let’s go check out that pool, it must be something in the water. You guys going to join us?”

“We sure are, but give us a minute to get our suits on.” Keith said.

“Don’t bother, they’re just going to come right back off again anyway. At least if I have my way about it. Me and Joe need to catch up to you two.” With that, Lucy stripped her shirt off, asked Joe to help her out of her bra, then stopped. “You all good with this?”

Joe was already stripping off his cloths, and Keith nodded. “Skinny dip!” Wanda yelled and pulled the quilt from Keith and herself as Lucy removed her pants and panties. With a heavy snowfall around them, the four quickly ran barefoot to the steaming pool.

“Last one in has to cook dinner.” Wanda called out as she splashed into the warm water. Keith had her hand and was right beside her, on her other side, Joe and Lucy hit the water at the same time. “Looks like we’re all in at the same time, guess Keith and I will work on dinner. Looks like you two are already working on something else….”
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