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by Krysti
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There was a woman named Tracy, whom had been homeless.


Oh..dear...Lord, God Almighty! Just what is this world coming to?!
Lord, tonight....I've met a lady her name was Tracy! I'd met her while I was out collecting cans. She was sitting at a Dart bench, eating a burger that she had gotten from Cheddar's. It'd turned out that she was homeless...she had been kicked out of her home due to the fact that her husband going to jail for failure to report parole.
Oh...Lord, this woman has nowhere to live...nowhere to go! Please...Lord, just what will you do for her??!! She has no money to even buy herself anything to eat or drink! Please, Lord God...help her!!
She's the third homeless person that I've ran into for the past few days...Lord! Just what are you going to do? What is in your plan, Lord? I've already met four homeless people, now! Are you trying to tell me something? If you are...what?!
Just what is your message to me, Lord? What are you trying to say to me? What are you saying? What do I need to know?
Could this just be a sign? If so...what does it mean? Please, Lord, God...tell me! What are you telling me? I need to know! Why am I meeting so many homeless people? Only you know why, Lord! Only you know why these situations take place. Only you know why these people end up in these stuations, Lord. But, I don't know why, God. I can't read or know your thoughts, Lord!
But, I can know...that you'll fix it!
I can know...that you'll help these people that I've just met. I have absolutely not doubt...whatsoever, that you can fix this! I can know that you'll help Tracy. I can know that you'll find a way for her to have money so that she'll be able to eat and have a beverage. I can know that you'll make a way in order to get these folk off the streets!
Lord, I trust you...with my every being...my soul...strength. Please...make a way for these people to get food, shelter, and a roof over their heads! Lord, help Tracy's husband get out of jail. She loves him very much.
Nothing is impossible for you, Lord. There is nothing beyond your power. There's nothing that you can't do. There's not a problem that YOU can't solve, Lord. There's no situation that you can't fix. For you are an Almighty God!

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