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The ideas of my heroes

I'm deciding five super heroes. No more, no less. All powers you can look up HERE . In the Italics is a description. And in the bold is the name of the character. And in the pink or blue is the character description.


Empowered Man- Fictional Mimicry, Absolute Leap, Memory Sacrificial Power (Gains great feats and boosts in powers at the sacrifice of memories.), Hyalokinetic Creature Creation (Glass creature creation), Projective Omnilingualism, Fictional Trope Physiology, History Absorption and Consumption Healing. A jealous young man that comes across a magic comic book and gets a paper cut. The paper cut makes some of the magic ink sink into him and he gains the power of the comic book character's main character. The power is Fictional Mimicry, now he can copy the powers of any fictional character. And is a rare male hero in a world of mainly heroines. The idea is that for every male hero there are four female heroines. And now armed with various powers, he fights crime alongside his team mates.

Pyra- Pyro Manipulation. Has a flame that is a recreated spark of the big bang. Can create anything from this flame no matter how complicated or simple, only thing halting it is her imagination. Born from a test tube Pyra was designed by her parents genetics experts to be the model for the next fire fighters. Unfortunately, the rival corporation arranged for an accident. Growing up an orphan, Pyra began a life of crime. One day she stole from a corporation that was trying to produce the sparks of the big bang. She thought this would be her big pay day being able to make anything. After arriving she found a terrorist who was going to use the sparks to destroy the world. Manipulating the spark she stablized it after the bomb destroyed the container. And letting her moral compass's new direction lead her, she became a heroine.

Change- Absolute Buying, Monetary Empowerment and Monetary Manipulation. Female hero. After being a waitress forever, Change went to school to be a business woman. And learned the art of negotiation. Feeling accomplished she decided to try and buy the impossible. She arranged to buy the moon from the United Nations, and bought it. What she was not expecting was the fact that her greed impressed a demon. A demon who was out smarted and became a spirit of money making her into a world class shaman with the power to control money.

Electrum Explorer- Wears an Apprentice’s Ring and also has various locations with magic weapon and artifact arsenals. Running out of ways to get rid of her tumor in her shoulder without endangering her life, Electrum Explorer went to an underwater temple. There she found a ring that delayed the progression of her tumor and gave her minor spells. She has made a career for searching for magical artifacts and weapons to either heal her or to be used for the betterment of man kind.

Blind Faith- Curative Countenance. Thanks to one thousand people being sacrificed to her power’s birth. She was a test subject to be killed so the cult’s master could have the power if the experiment was successful. She hates to use this power because she feels mental pain feeling the memories and pain of those who were killed for her power. She wears a mask to hide her powers. She has enhanced senses from purposefully blinding herself. Uses a smart phone to ‘see’ the area, by having the phone tell her what is in the picture.
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