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How cheating affects your emotions. This is a piece based on true and gloomy experience.
It’s amazing how people can still keep their heads up when all they do in school is cheat. It breaks my heart a lot – especially, that they cheat from my own sweat and blood. It would be hell if you’d tell them “Hey! Get a life, will you?” or “How dare you do that. Don’t you feel any guilt when all you do is cheat?” But all those freaking sentences were only said in my mind. Sad.

I am one of the most responsible students in our classroom – probably the only one. I won’t take back what I said because it’s obviously true, in my case. I am responsible. I’m no crammer for assignments. I don’t procrastinate. If you seem me do those things, its unlikely being me. It’s either I’m sick or pissed off. I admit I used to cram and cheat sometime when I was a freshman. But I stopped. That experience taught me a lot of life lessons. Cheating and cramming will always end up with failure. I stay up late at night – even until midnight strikes – just to finish everything. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to be boastful. It should be what a real student does.

I’m not trying to get any sympathy either. I need justice and fairness. All I’m asking is one single realization that what they’re doing is just so stupid. I couldn’t just refuse their favors, though. I’m that type of person that doesn’t want to hurt someone. Every classmate is dear to me. How could I let them down?

The feeling when you’re doing a regular schoolwork with a friend. You spent days of hard work on it. Turns out in the end, your friend gets most of the credits. Ugly, right? How could the world be so cruel? Sometimes it makes me want to cry, a lot. This burning anger and sadness inside me can’t even take a single step out. Well, someday they will have their time, and I will have mine. I’d always believe in karma. I’ll leave it all to God that someday, they will have to regret that time when they cheated.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2053822