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Females who have influenced me. Written for Women Writing Women Group.
There are so many women who have influenced me. This may be a long story. Stay tuned and here goes.

My Grandmother, mother and Great Grandma. Grandma and Grandpa, my mother's parents helped raise me. Dad was in the Air Force and went to Viet Nam three times and I spent all my summers with my grandparents and Mom was with Dad in the summer when he wasn't in Viet Nam. Grandma went to church and I went with her. I go to church on my weekends off still. Grandma had a lot of advice but I didn't always listen. Now, that I am older, I know now, she was right about things. Mom. We would argue about my make up, guys I wanted to go out with and my skirts being too short. She could be understanding. She spoiled me and she didn't work a job. She is good at crafts, sewing, shopping and taught me how to dress nice even though I am older now. Great Grandma. I wrote a story about her. She spoke her mind, had a cure for warts and wasn't afraid to let someone know they were in the wrong. These women influenced me. I still have Mom and we are closer then ever now.

Jackie Kennedy. I thought she was a Princess or a Queen. I was impressed with her clothes, manners and she was First Lady. I wanted to be her when I grew up. She was so elegant. Caroline. I wanted to be Jackie's little girl. Caroline and I were about the same age. I had seen President Kennedy in person and when he got shot, we lived by Washington, D.C. It was a sad event watching the funeral on TV. Jackie was so sad. Little John saluting. How sad was that? When Jackie married Onassis, Jackie seemed different.

Linda Evans. I loved watching her on "The Big Valley." I wanted to look like her and she got to act with Lee Majors, Peter Breck and Richard Long. She was beautiful and I wanted to be her. When she was on "Dynasty", I admired her.

Susan Dey. Laurie Partridge. She got to be around with David Cassidy. I would loved being around him. Laurie was in high school and had neat clothes, in a band, boyfriends and did cool things in school. I wanted to do those things she did. I didn't have as many dates as her. She was a role model.

Charlene Tilton. Lucy Ewing. Lucy lived with her grandparents. She was rich and spoiled. She was pretty. I wanted to be like Lucy. My family wasn't rich but as a only child, I had everything except a steady boyfriend and there plenty of time for that my mother said. Lucy had a variety of clothes. I was impressed.

Taylor Swift. I admire her beauty, her songs and her songs remind me of my ex-boyfriends so I can relate to her.

Women of the past. Jane Austen. She was a great author and I want to write like her. I have a Jane Austen Group here and who doesn't want Mr. Darcy? She lived and wrote romances about her time period. The balls, characters, her dialogue and she knew how to write a great story.

Joan Of Arc. Celtic Women. They led men into battle and weren't afraid. You have to admire them for their boldness.

Princess Diana, Princess/Duchess Kate. They are royalty and I have always wanted to be part of a royal family. I love the past about Queens, Kings, Knights and medieval times. They act like regular women. I was sad when Princess Diana died. She helped out charities and was a good mother and a caring person. That is the kind of Princess a woman should be.

Danielle Steel. I love how she writes a story. I want her writing talent. Hers and Jane Austens!

Ameila Earhart. She flew around the world. Men thought only they could achieve this.

Clara Barton. Florence Nightingale. Nurse I admire. I happen to work in nursing and they were nurses without the conviences we have now. I complain about my job but they had to rough it. They made a difference for nurses. Thank you, ladies.

Women. They play an important part. These are the women who have influenced me. In my life, I have loved them all.

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