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by brom21
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2053899
A man is desperate to become a ninja of the Jade Circle
Harold angrily punched the plastered wall causing a dent and a few broken knuckles. “Stupid Jade Circle! How could they deny me membership for something I didn’t do!?”

A man in a black and white uniform with Dennis written on a name tag saw his action and upbraided him. “Sir you’re going to have to leave for that damage. Target does not tolerate vandals.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll pay for the damage. There is just a little situation I am distraught over. Please don’t ban me or something.”

“Okay, as manager I will accept compensation for the wall. I’ll see the amount for the damage and then call you. Maybe you should exercise, it helps relieve stress,” Dennis said.

Harold grasped his broken knuckles then flicked it with his wrist.

“May I ask what bothers you so much?”

“The Jade Circle denies me membership because my father is part of the Black Sun Syndicate.”

“Only the best can join the special team of martial art masters. But having any affiliation of the notorious crime group would keep one from joining. Were you brought up in the ways of the Syndicate?” Dennis asked.

“My dad taught me some karate and the way of the ninja, but I chose to never take part in his crimes. I have not had contact with him in years.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps it is not meant to be. I’ll call you when I get the repair cost.” With those words Dennis walked away.

Harold exited the store and got into his blue Sonata and thought for a moment. There has to be something. What would it take for the Jade Circle to accept me? What would it cost for them to officially give me the title of ninja and join them? The only thing they want is to annihilate the Black Sun Syndicate like we all do.

“That’s it!” he exclaimed. “I’ll coax my father out of hiding and then deliver him to the Jade Circle! And know exactly where to go. That will have to prove my loyalty.”

He drove to an old warehouse a few miles away to a bad part of town. The warehouse was full of old empty crates, fallen support beams and broken light fixtures. He approached an old metal table in the darkest part of the abandoned structure.

“Now to lay the bait,” Harold said as he brought out a notepad and a pen. “I’ll keep it simple.”

Dear father, it has been a long time since we met and I would like to speak to you about something. Please meet me at the south end docks. Sincerely, your son.

He folded it up and placed it on the table. “When the Black Sun meets here at midnight, he’ll take it. I told myself I would never tell anyone about this place for fear of the Syndicate. But it is worth the risk now.”

Harold quickly left in his car and then looked at the digital clock. “Seven-thirty; the dojo should still be open. He drove with anxious twinges in his diaphragm and a nervous sweat. His biggest dream was about to be tested.

One would forego turning over his own father, but mine deserves it. I remember the things he took part in. He’s a vile man. he thought.

At last he approached the garden entryway to the Jade Circle dojo. He raced through the lotus plants and ponds in the garden and knocked on the door at the end. A Japanese man came out.

“How many times must I tell you? We will not accept you! Leave!”

“I know where you can find my father!”

The man’s demeanor changed to a curious look. “You would do this?”

Harold nodded.

“Where is he?”

“He’ll be at the south docks at midnight. If I give him to you will you accept me?”

“For such an act, I will do my best to give you acceptance into our group. I will gather some men and go there to seek a hiding place to apprehend him. Come if you wish.”

All, including Harold, left in a van for the dark docks. Together there were five men who would take part in the plot. They hid under one of the docks and waited. It felt excruciatingly long, but mostly for Harold. Then, they heard single footsteps walk on the wood over them and then stop at the edge.

“It must be him,” the Japanese man said.

Harold walked up the wooden stairs and onto the dock then approached the man. It was his father. Then, Harold gave the signal. “Father!”

The men in hiding sprinted onto the dock and went towards his father. Suddenly men in black spandex emerged from the shadows and began an assault on the unsuspected ninjas. A quick onslaught took place as the Syndicate overwhelmed their foes. It was bloody and two of the victims of the Syndicate were unconscious. The rest were on the ground holding wounds. Just as the fiends came, they quickly lurked back into the shadows; all but Harold’s father.

“You must think I am stupid.”

“It was a private matter. I though you would come alone,” said Harold.

“Now you know better. You want to be part of the Jade Circle and be given the title of a true ninja. You ain't any ninja! And you never will be. Better luck next time son.”

He walked off and that was the last time Harold ever saw his father.

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