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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2054030
Naomi wasn't a murderer she was only trying to protect herself from death.
Naomi never planned on killing him, it just happened. Well, it didn't just happen he made the first move.

To make things a little clearer I should probably explain a few things first.


It all started when Naomi had her first basketball game of the season. She had been on the bench for three quarters of the game and couldn't wait to be put in. The coach was aggravated at how bad his team was doing. He didn't see how three and a half weeks of practice didn't prepare them for this, but dang the other team was on fire. Finally, in the last quarter he put her in, and boy did she give her all. Her speed, agility, and height made her appear to be born for basketball. It was in that last quarter that her team found its lost glory, its pride had been won back.
Unfortunately, no one saw the man with the colt. No one saw him cock it ready, and nobody knew he even existed until Naomi's mother was shot in the middle of her forehead with such precision.
It was that gunshot that would change Naomi's life forever, for better or worse no one knows. Just like no one will ever know that it was Naomi's fault her mother died, no one saw her gaze at the man who couldn't be seen, and no one saw her grab whoever was closest to her as a shield. Until it was to late of course.

Chapter 1 Death
"Death. It is the undoing of life, it is what takes away our spirit. Yet without death there would be no anguish, pain, and sadness. But you see without that there would be no love, joy, or happiness. Death is what lets us know that we aren't the biggest thing in the universe. Some believe death is being reborn, others believe it is just a fraction of life itself.
Now life after death is something else entirely. According to Ancient Greek mythology after death you are sent to the underworld, in Christianity you are judged to either Heaven or Hell.
The Greeks also believed that there were three fates that controlled your life and its span. Their names were; Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos."
Naomi stood in front of her classmates, awaiting their response to the part of her passion project she decided to share with the class. Her project was on life, its meaning, its ending, and everything in between such as choice. The students had no words, they were filled with fear. Fear of her, her heart, and what she could do. Everyone knew about her mother, but no one knew about the accident. There were rumors of course, rumors she did it herself, rumors her mother had committed suicide, and even rumors she hired someone to do it. She hated them, the people, the dead, and above all the living.
She didn't think he deserved to live, she didn't think he even deserve being born. She wasn't even sure if he deserved the honor of death. But try as she might, she couldn't bring herself to kill her own father.
The droning, ear-splitting bell rang signalling that school was over. Although, it rang no one moved a muscle. Naomi walked out of the classroom and headed home.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2054030