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A short story about a country's stolen currency, and a very mystical way to reclaim it.
Upon a time in the year 1852, and deep in the heart of a large country with vast forests and mysterious regions at every turn existed the province of Zendra in the immense country of Canada. The province used nothing but chariots, carriages and wagons to get around, and they sold a Zendra Daily newspaper, food such as fruit, bread, rice plus fish from the sea at outside marketplaces that acted as central downtown areas for the various villages. The population of the large province was fairly high for the ancient time compared to other known places it was at two million. Statistically at that time and place the majority of the people in Zendra were business people for the marketplaces or woodworkers, because of the abundance of wood from logs by the ponds to some areas where trees were used and taken down for products such as crafts or chariots, carriages or wagons for horse transportation. Day in and day out the citizens of the country went about with their day to day lives without much interruption, but a yearly blizzard or two. It was a long year and the next one came around it was becoming 1853, and on the celebration of a New Year at the capital's city square in the city of Santa Brutus way out by the coast and close to the river and the ocean that a series of turning point events occurred for the many people of Zendra. As the cities traditional festivity they had a parade of the Sea Whale plus a marching band.They had a public feast at the city square selling corn cakes and salmon, and to add they had the musical guest there right out of Canada the well known violinist and singer Conrad Brittonis who sang the New Year's song have a Jolly Jumping New Year's Day as the celebration progressed an announcement was made from the media in booklet print that their was a mysterious spotting by a officer of the Canadian Coastal police that an abnormal seaman on a well built, jet black canoe was seen wearing a silver hood, and the officer, of great prestige and rank, declared it was a very paranormal sight he saw the face he viewed was like a shadow, and you could see inwardly like looking into a pitch black tunnel behind the hood the face area seemed to twist and turn in depth plus expression. To add the seaman of mysterious looks and nature held up a flag of violet color with an abstract rainbow on it that appeared to be distracted by a jet black scorpion in its midst, and the officer declared it appeared to be neatly put together like a sort of pictorial expression, and then the ghost-like apparition disappeared. The breaking news that the people of both Santa Brutus and all of Zendra were instructed plus advised to read explained that this was not a hoax the sighting bore truth and a true threat, because the royal government and the many people in the high offices had known this to happen before, and that the sighting was known to be a warning from The Land Of Fire where a long, ancient and forgotten population of Giants had roamed apparently up to now hundreds of years ago. The giants wore rags were each and all twelve to fifteen feet tall and they were the ancient forgotten enemies of the country of Zendra, also in the libraries of the capital city Santa Brutus it was well documented that about two hundred fifty years ago around the year 1603 that the giants did invade the entire country of Zendra and it had to be rebuilt plus one man saw the same figure in advance, for when they came to invade with harsh angry faces the giants stole the greatest, most valid, and primary tool of the people of Zendra an original sea chest of magical rubies that from vast ages ago gave the people of Zendra a country currency a tool to survive and a means of country loyalty and well-being. Now, it was written in the long, lengthy files of the government libraries of the country of Zendra and in the country's chief capital library of intelligence that if someone were to spot such a ghastly spirit from another world, a ghost, that the Giants would come back and commit another act of the unjust toward the people of Zendra. After the citizens of the land read the breaking news at around nine in the evening before the turn of the year of 1853 a shaking and twenty second earthquake occurred, and people left at their own accord from festivities plus celebration and most individuals were indoors. Across a valley a Giant standing thirteen feet tall came rushing out of a vast tunnel of fire in the countryside of the capital, and across the way just one brave soul could view what had come to occur out of a government palace window. The Giant stole a magical sea chest of needed rubies from under the river, and by the sea. This was where plus how the rubies of the people of Zendra were made, and it was the original sea chest if the Giant stole this then it could make all the currency throughout vast Zendra disappear. The rubies were dark pink in color locked up in one original chest, and long ago they were magically copied to be used across the land as currency to basically survive. With words of chant and magic they copied one after the other the rubies to live and survive before the dawn of their civilization, and to have prestige, honor and wealth, now the original main sea chest was stolen by the Giant who came from The Land of Fire.

It was also written in the royal government libraries of the capital buildings of Zendra that the Giants had light purple skin, solid dark purple eyes, much muscle and were paranormal creatures that became visible then invisible, and spoke in a harsh and barbaric language of A-Z that was created before the dawn of their civilization, a long millions of years ago. There was a government official of well known honor to the capital city who took care of the monetary systems security and he was the one who saw the Giant steal the sea chest of rubies that was locked with chains under the river and by the ocean and the sea as a secured chest of original, main plus chief rubies, and the government official Mr. Zona Glair knew more than anything the people would never survive since the precious and vital central sea chest was stolen, namely because from the supernatural force the remaining rubies everywhere would vanish because it was written in the code plus magical law books of Zendra's history plus government that if that happened they would no longer have a currency. This all boiled down to what Zona knew that a long plus difficult quest to The Land Of Fire was called for. The Giant who stole the sea chest was named Mahl just one name and his many cohorts in the enormous Land Of Fire that burned just on the hillsides, bushes, mountains plus valleys and then made way for the Giants yelled his name loud and barbaric frequently when they called him. The great population of one million Giants chose one hundred and assembled to mystically make the currency of the people of Zendra disappear, for they would chant an ill plus unfair chant with the expression of magic codes toward the sixty main rubies out of the sea chest to make any identical dark pink precious ruby afar and in Zendra disappear and the Zendra citizens everywhere would have no currency and no way of survival. The chief royal President of the country of Zendra called a meeting to establish a long quest to recover the needed sea chest of rubies that was stolen, they would venture for a quest or they would eventually not have a way to produce sell and survive without a currency how would they work and have country day to day worth. At the meeting they decided to gather exactly twenty of the countries most skilled magicians and lords (people who created codes of magic to defy threats from other regions) ten lords and ten magicians, and they would go to the Land Of Fire ten in each chariot pulled by horse to find and reclaim their needed sea chest of rubies. On a map of the land they viewed the terrain with a tool called a magnifying lens of magical glass that expanded the papyrus paper map to be viewed with the intricate design, and they found a long road of one hundred percent straight direction to the Land Of Fire and they boarded the chariots.

On the road they felt a strange mist half way to the Land Of Fire, and all of a sudden in a clearing they viewed a small cabin by some trees and bushes. Each and all of the adventurers to The Land Of Fire saw a smiling, peaceful looking person walk out of the door of the cabin he wore a flannel shirt of red and black, black shoes and stone wash jeans, and stood five foot five with clean brown skin and fluffy lengthy hair, he then waved down the chariot and it stopped. He said "Hello, I am the spirit Monswell Winster from a paradise of marvel and victory outside the world we know." he continued, " I have been informed by the watchers in my world that giants of ill intent have stolen your currency using ill magic." They all nodded and agreed with the truth of this, and then Monswell said, "My job here is to sing a chant with drums and your participation to magically reclaim your sea chest of needed rubies through the powers I own from the timeless world I come from, because here I act as a messenger for justice." Now, Monswell gathered his drums in the center and asked the adventurers from Zendra to circle around as well, then he gave each of the twenty adventurers the words of the song to be chanted on a sheet of papyrus paper, it was short, but powerful enough to move mountains.

They sang this chanting:

Sung x3
: Rejoice! Rejoice! lay away, lay away the stolen acts of time!
Rush, rush, rush away the theft, and bring our need of survival back to be!
Defy the Giants defy the tyrants, and replenish our song's demand!
Paved in gold our saving story told!

As soon as they concluded Monswell said joyfully, "My friends my dear cohorts if you look behind that oak tree to your left you will see the sea chest that was stolen has returned from my mighty rights as a power I hold true for your righteous civilization through rightful, just and otherworldly magic." It became known that the Giants became dust and disappeared through the powerful force of the chanted song and all of the Land Of Fire became clean, clear and abundant forest country and great expanses of mysterious wilderness, and to conclude the people in the country of Zendra were healed of the threat of the Giants.

The End
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