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In Memory of two young people who lost their lives out side of Jasper in August, 2015.
In Memory of Leah Coombes and Nick Moore

I am not lost in Jasper.
I can tell you everything I know about this place.
I can tell you of my love for its mountains and wildlife but
My words would be inadequate
Because I know, I said goodbye too soon.

I've seen the sun set from mountain views
Breathed in crisp cold air and evergreens.
I've walked the lakes and valleys too but
My words can't do it justice
Because I know, I said goodbye too soon.

And although it seems that I've lost my path
And that those mountains seem so far away
Each snow-capped peak and mountain stream
Tender hearts in my mountain dream.
I know, I said goodbye too soon.

Now I am gone, but not far away
You can hear me laugh in a gurgling stream
You can see my love reflected on sunshine's snow.
And those endless paths that go on and on?
That's my love for you, I am not gone.

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