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From stressful unrelenting salary sacrifice to lateral ataraxia.
Do as I say; earn your pay.
Car parks of humans in sardine cans. Migration.
Hire escape. Credit cards. Liquidation. Truckloads of life stagnation.

Melting multi-lane horizon. Traffic crawls.
Mind on sand, suntan, drinks and icecream stalls.

Forever Eternity squared finally passes. Backseat karma.
Bursting tin-tops empty. Time ceases. No more drama.

Summer fruit scattered across uncountable grains
Umbrellas, vacation apocalypse - flatline zombies - no brains.

Distant laughter, bending figures, buckets, surfboards, playing.
Rhythmic surf white noise, sunbaking; can't hear and don't care what they are saying.

Children of all ages, origins, races, belief systems, climates;
older relatives, career junkies, masters degree - now lifeless primates.

Sundown cricket. Barbecue. Unplanned plans for dinner. Breeze.
Sleep in morning. Breathtaking scene across the sea dawning. Sneeze.

Towels. Employment forgotten. Yawning. Trudge back.
Lotion rubbed on. Snoring, dribble, jaw slack.

Lie here until we become statues, a lost Greek city.
It can't last. More's the pity.
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