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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Thriller/Suspense · #2054231
A team of scientists are lost on a mountain.

The Ice Pick

The team of scientists have been wandering for days and days; it has been so long that each day is meshing into one another without a tally. Each member, Veronica, Matt, Sonia, and Zack are at their wits end stuck on a mountain in Colorado which happened to be all be happenstance. Veronica the team leader says, “This is insane. We all came on this expedition because we believed through our scans that an unknown entity of either plant or some sort of being which is not familiar at all to any of the information we have or anyone we are associated. We did not come here to die. I am sorry that I have led you all to our tombs.”

As the team trudges through the forest into the clearing, the event happened. Veronica saw the most beautiful white light which she had to shield her eyes a bit because of the volume of brightness surrounding her and her team.

A being of beautiful bright light approaches the team and says to them, “Please, do not be afraid. I have come to help you and have heard the cries for help with each of your souls. Do you understand why you are here in this place which is very difficult for you to survive?”

Zack responds, “Because our fearless leader has lead us here.”

The bright being responds, “No. You are where you are because of the condition of your soul. You all believe your situation is hopeless, so it is. You all believe in a world of lack so your food supplies and other supplies that are a necessity for survival have dwindled. You all believe you have made a mistake in this venture you have all volunteered for through your free will which is reflected back to you in your environment. Your soul is the key to all things in your life and yet you do not believe this, with this lack of belief, there is a lack in a more loving life.”

Zack asks, “If what you say is true, then what can we do about it?”

“There is plenty to do. I can guide you through if you want my help.”

Sonia looks at the bright being with crazed black eyes, “You are an imposter and trying to lead us astray. I have been warned about beings such as yourself. All you want is to fulfill your needs by feeding on physical beings. Get thee behind me devil. I will never consort with your sort.”

The bright being responds, “I must go now. I see that all of you are not of a sound mind and projections of anger at myself or anyone for that matter are not welcome. If you change your mind all you have to do is call me and I will return. Good luck on your journey.”

Just as fast as the being appeared, the being disappeared, leaving the expedition in a bit of awe, except for Sonia who is in some sort of emotional fit. Such a sad ending for a group who had such high hopes of success. No one saw the ice pick coming through the air and landing in Matt’s heart. Sonia gave in to the voices in her head, which have started to drive her crazy, picking up the ice pick, heaving it with all the strength she had left, watching it land in Matt’s heart.

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