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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2054266
Deception Has Never Been More convoluted
"What we're doing is wrong!" Liz cried again as her part of the chest fell. Tears fell from her almond shaped eyes. "We're all going to jail if we ever get caught."

"Get a hold of yourself," Liz's boyfriend Michael yelled at her. His face was bright red from the cold wind that whipped around them. "We knew what this was when we started, there was always a chance that it would end like this."

The other guys in the group said nothing as they made their way deeper into the woods. None of them realized that what they were doing was helping me get away with murder.

For weeks now I had watched them as they plotted to get rid of Liz's stepmom. Juvenile attempts at causing fights between Claire and Liz's father went nowhere. Yet Liz and Michael persisted, all to go on a ski trip that they missed anyways.

One night I sent an anonymous email to Liz suggesting that she use her hunky football player of a boyfriend to break up Claire and her father. The plan was for Michael to seduce Claire and get her naked enough to leave little doubt about was about to happen.

As horny college aged boys are bound to do, Michael got carried away and had actual sex with her. Unbeknownst to them Claire had been having an affair with Simon, a blond haired, blue eyed teammate of Michael's.

Simon had heard about the plan and walked in on Claire and Michael in the act. He lost his mind and attacked Michael, but hit Claire on her head. After Liz broke up the fight, they went to get some soda and hoped that the slightly older woman would wake up. She didn't because I injected her with a strong dose of a sleeping gas. Once they discovered that Claire was no longer among the living, they frantically came up with the plan to bury the body in the woods.

"Let's stop here, no one can see us." Simon's voice was as deep as the Grand Caynon. Even I was slightly attracted to him, and he was not my usual type. Simon, Michael, and the other boy dropped their sides of the box. Michael took the bag off of his back and handed shovels to the other guys, while Liz walked away and kept look out.

For a while the only sounds in the woods were the grunts of the boys. That was until the footsteps of the police could be heard. Liz ran to the guys warning them that they weren't alone but it was too late.

I had called the police already and was excited to see how this played out. But I needed to get away before I was caught, and Liz found out that Her father had been the one to set her and her friend's up for murder.

And this was only he beginning of the torture I had in store for them.
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