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My love of Mary Poppins
I was six years old when I saw Mary Poppins for the first time. Disney 're released it and my Mom took us to see it. From the beginning of the movie I was fascinated. Seeing her sit upon the cloud with her umbrella and carpet bag was just wonderful. I remember wishing I wanted to be English with a nanny like her. The adventures and games they had. And of course the songs too.

In the following years I read the books by P.L. Travers. While I enjoyed them a great deal,they didn't affect me the way the movie did. I remember going home afterward and snapping my fingers waiting for my toys to put themselves away. Then being disappointed when they didn't. I sat on the bannister for the stairs waiting to move up, I tried to fly off the picnic table in the backyard with my umbrella, I drew a sidewalk picture and tried to jump in it etc..

I thought then and still think now it is the most wonderful movie. When I need to escape and don't want to read, I'll put the DVD in. I listen to the soundtrack in my car sometimes too. My favorite song is Jolly Holiday. I suppose because my favorite scene in the movie is when they jump into the sidewalk pictures. I'm really not sure why that is,but it's just such a magical and exciting scene.

It's always surprised me how Mary is so unaffected by things she has done or is about to do. The scene where she denies being in a horse race, even though she won. The tea party at Uncle Albert 's was great too. I loved the time when the movie was set as well. Everyone seemed so proper. The costumes were great too. I've wanted to be her for Halloween for so long. Just haven't been able to pull off the right costume so far. Hopefully it will happen one day for me.

I didn't realize until I'd seen it a few times what lesson it teaches you. It being that family is more important than anything. But when you're young children you don't think about such things. And in their defense I'm sure they didn't feel as if they mattered that much to Mr. Banks. The mother didn't seem to be available to them for much time out of the day either. I remember feeling disappointed that she left them,but when I was older I realized she did her job and it was up to the parents to take over. Which when you think about it is as it should be.

Over the years I think I've seen the movie about forty times and know every line of dialogue spoken in it. Some people think that's ridiculous,but I don't care. I don't know many people who know a whole movies dialogue. And it's nice that I've accomplished something of the sort.
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