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In the condominium of awakening, if we are faced with the image of our own soul, daunting us in the afterlife of our sinful cogniance, would this metaphor, provide us a new dimension to our journey of the never ending.

The high and lows of the afterlife, would portray a painful realization of the illusions of the world, wherein we have been given life. Is this the only life we have been given or is it a series of living and rebirth we have to awaken too.

Simply within the whole fiasco, without a need to understand, we are moving swiftly towards the ultimate, the day of rejoicing. The awakening will come and our souls will be enlightened but would it be too late to rectify our deeds or change our self within.

The realization of seeking will eventually be our path to reincarnation.

We have to reconnect to our inner self by forgoing the reality we live in today. A difficult journey but a purposeful ending, a connection between live and death.

Let my journey began with an ending of this world, this universe and this soul.

May be we will find peace in the eternity or the hereafter.
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