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a little girl is playing in the woods. this is for the 52 wk chlnge
Prompt #4

Sarah, a child only nine years old, was playing in the woods near her home. Her only company was her dog buster, a streetwise mutt she had found in a shelter near her home, and her doll, Agatha, made for her by her mom, before she passed away a couple of years ago. She was running from tree to tree, and then going back again. If anybody would have seen her doing this, they would have thought she was clearly just out of her mind, but only her dog and the doll, and of course her, knew the reasoning for it.
It was a nice bright summer morning. She had no school so she didn’t have to get up early and in reality, she didn’t. The sky above her was clear and cloudless, and there was a slight breeze going through the air, it was catching her blond hair as it passed her trying to carry it away.
“Stay there buster,” she said as she ran to a nearby tree, and placing the doll on one of the low hanging branches of the tree, and then running to a third one. It wasn’t till she turned around and saw that Buster did stay where she put him, and to her it was a bit upsetting. She began to fight with the little dog, trying to get him to do what she wanted to no avail, as the dog just thought she was playing with him.
In the midst of her frustration with the dog, Sarah caught sight of a bright light on the trail behind her. It was the brightest light she had ever seen. Seeming to be mesmerized by the light, she stopped playing her game, and went to investigate the light. She tromped through the forest, as she headed back to the trail.
Breaking through the brush and emerging onto the trail, she found a small lantern sitting on the ground, bathing her feet in pure white light. She walked over to it and felt compelled to pick it up. It had almost no weight to it as she lifted it. Then she caught sight of another bright light in the forest, it was a set of red double doors about thirty feet from her.
For some reason she found these doors very attractive and wanted to walk through them. As she started to walk towards them, her dog emerged from the brush and came and stood beside her as she took her first few steps towards them.
She found out that the closer she got to the doors the more they opened, letting a bright light shine out as they opened for her. She never hesitated, nor did she feel like she shouldn’t be doing this. With each step she took the doors opened wider, until they were finally fully opened revealing a lady who stood in the doorway.
“Mommy!” she cried out as she realized who it was in the door way.
Sarah ran towards her throwing her arms around her, and who in turn wrapped her arms around her daughter.
“Hi Sarah,” her mother said with a loving voice, “I’ve missed you Sarah.”
“I’ve missed you too mommy!,” she said with a smile on her face which made the whole thing shine like the sun.
“Mommy?” she asked,” what are you doing here? Daddy said you wouldn’t be back.”
“Well,” Her mother said as she bent down to be at her face level while talking to her,” Honey, I’m not back. Its time you came with me this time.”
She got all excited, jumped up and down. Then she thought about her father.
“What about daddy?” she asked.
“Its not his time yet, honey,” Her mother said condoling her,” Not yet, anyway.”
The two of them stepped inside the doorway, and suddenly Sarah found herself wearing the same clothing as her mother was, a nice red dress. As she turned around, the doors began to close slowly, just before the doors fully closed , Sarah saw herself laying on the ground and a hunter kneeling over her remains, with his weapon laying on the ground. It was in that second that she finally realized what had happened to her and she was at peace when the doors closed and vanished from view.
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