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Being thankful for what you have. No envy. No jealousy. Just thankfulness.
Decided to count my blessings this morning. Eyes opened -- check. Bladder called -- check. Walked to the bathroom -- check. I turned on the light -- check; lights were still on -- check. The telephone rang -- check. Family members checked in -- check. My world is still in tack -- check! Kept on looking and kept on checking, and eventually gave up because there were more and more blessings added to my plate.

Life may not be "picture perfect" but it is good. It is good t live in America. It is good to be free. It is good to be able to experience life -- the good and the bad. If you have never been in the valley can you really appreciate the mountaintop? Without a few knockouts, you may never know the real meaning of success.

When we forget to count our blessings, we can always be jealous and envious of the blessings of others. The phrase "The grass is always greener on the other side" should give you pause for thought. Many of us have believed that and actually crossed over to the other side to find that not only was it not greener, but there was no grass.

Life is like that when you do not take the time to count your blessings. Everybody will seem to be doing better than you. Everybody will seem to have more money than you. Everybody will seem to have a better job than you. Of course, everybody lives in a better neighborhood than you. As long as you can only see what others have you will never appreciate what you have. If you can only remember when you had lots of money and things, you will never enjoy the life, health, strength, and wealth that you have now.

Someone said to me in the doctor's office yesterday that he would not complain. He had learned over his lifetime that every time he tried to tell somebody about how bad his life was going, he ended up feeling sorrier for them than for himself. I had to agree. You will never be the person worse off on this earth. Yes, things will be and can be bad but they can and will be good. Life is a series of ups and downs. That's life, at least that is what the people say -- flying high in April, shot down in May.

As bad as things may seem right now, somewhere in your future there is a better and brighter day. Do what you can for now. Let the rest roll. You just may not be able to fix this one so let it go. Every problem is not there for you to fix. A few are there to test your faith and how you handle them will determine whether or not you will need to repeat them. That's right, some problems are lessons meant just for you.

Figure out the lesson. Learn it. Then move forward. YOU CAN DO IT!

Peace and blessings always.
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