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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Animal · #2054755
A inprogress story about a shy white fox coming to terms with certain aspects of his life.
As the hallway quickly become filled with bustling students , each adding to unaudible sounds of meaningless chatter between them , a young fox shyly stands watching the mass , awaiting a chance to sip through the crowd. He was a white fox , plain as that , no evident or clear markings , odd colours or something that identified him as him , but just a white fox.He wore a pink hoody which seemd to settle on him nicely , and a pair of denim shorts complementing the hoody generously.He looked well-groomed but deffinatly not the narcissitic type.He held his backpack with both arms , he clearly wasn’t very strong , and was overall quite feminine in apearence and posture. His eyes quickly darted to a small opening on the left of the wall of students , and without hace ran to and through it , with a few shoulder bumps and the odd shove he reached his locker. This was a normal thing for the students , every hall filled to the brim with shoving and rushing teenagers , but it was harder for the fox , he was always un-noticed by most and felt deprived from recognitiion of really anyone , but every day he put on a brave face , and every day he slipped through the crowds and got on with everything without a whisper of a moan or a ‘why me’. He unlocked his locker with ease and placed items in the locker from the bag and vice versa , then taking a blue notebook with the name ‘Ray’ scribbled across the top. He put the book under his arm then closed the locker .

“Hey , Ray , I need a favour…” He jumped at the shaprness of the voice and the shock of the speed as he turnt to see another white fox. This fox was closely resembellent to Ray but taller , and was a girl. Un-like Ray her hair was coloured with blueish-purple highlights . As ray took in the looks of the Fox he sighed. It was his sister. He somehow felt put down by the fact the only person who seemed to pay attention to him was her , but that also made him feel a connection with her. He stood looking at her. “Oh..Hey Laura..” He just looked awaiting the favour she wanted , and knowing her it woud be at his cost. “I need you to ..well….be quiet..at dinner tonight…” her face blushed slightly as even she took in how odd the request was to her own brother. And Rays face looked the same. “W-what? Why?” He spoke softly but with a sharp tone , almost snappy. Laura went red. “ n-no , its not anything bad…what I mean is..im bringing a boy back for dinner...my boyfriend...and I don’t want you to make a bad impression .. or say anything bad.” What was meant as surrender in the conversation was taken as in more offence. “why would I ever do something like that Laura…it doesn’t even matter..dont worry I wont say anything..whatever anything actually is..” He gave a face of recognition hiding the previous tone of offence. “Thanks Ray , il see you tonight then“and with that she was gone. She was a lot more confident then Ray , and it showed , she already seemed to have friends and more friends to fall back on. She didn’t bring boys home normally , especially with their dad , not for just the normal over-proctective dad routine but fear he would show her up. Ray sighed again then carried onto class.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2054755-The-white-foxA-furry-romancedrama-P1