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by Tursk
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A self proclaimed "sandwich artisan" looking for employment - short story in progess
*** Story in progress. ***

It had been weeks since Daniel had been fired from The Sandwich Shack and today his persistent scouting of the classifieds had finally paid off.

"Subway! Apply Today! Full time Sandwich Artisan wanted."

"The big leagues", he thought. Excitement raced through his body as he rode his e-bike down the main strip; his briefcase in tow and his suit jacket flapping casually in the breeze. It was exactly 7:02 - just minutes post door opening.

As he stepped inside, the smell of fresh bread waxed poetic love sonnets to his articulate senses. The yeasty notes of whole wheat mixed gingerly with the fresh overtones of green lettuces and sharp cheddar. A hint of cold cuts danced in and out of the mix. The sulphuric egg seemed to bind it all together, creating a symphony fit only for those who have died and gone to sandwich heaven.

"I am home", Daniel whispered.

"Pardon?", asked the young girl behind the counter, who looked mildly indifferent at the sight of Daniel closing his eyes, throwing his head back and wafting his hand gently in the air.

"I am here to apply for the Sandwich Artisan position", Daniel glowed as the phrase floated in the air.

"Applications are over there, behind the chip rack", Kelly retorted as she pinned her name badge over her left breast.

"The assistant manager won't be in until 10. I'll give it to Frank when I see him."

"I can wait", said Daniel.

With a black felt tipped pen he sat down close to the till and began to fill out the application.

"So, what was your interview like? Did they have you build your own sandwich? Did they critique your technique?"

Kelly was busy assisting a tall guy wearing tan shorts and a tee-shirt with a landscaping logo. She shot a flippant look in his direction that went right over his head.

"What's your portfolio like? I've got a couple of standards in mine: Classic Grilled Cheese, The Reuben, Meatball Sub and a few little tricks up my sleeve."

"Portfolio?" Kelly glanced over at Daniel as he suddenly dove into his briefcase.

"Check these out."

"I call this one the Mile High Club."

Kelly couldn't hide her disbelief as Daniel held up a glossy 8x10 photo of a club sandwich.

"Notice how each layer of toasted pumpernickel is being gently embraced by the garlic infused mayo?"

"Not spicy enough for you? Check out my Fourth of July P&J"

"Spicy Thai peanut sauce, spread over a sweet bean sprout slaw tossed with Grade A American beef injected with red pepper jelly nestled in a red, white and blue corn chip tortilla - and yes those are sparklers."

Kelly's mouth slowly opened forming a misshapen oval that was lost for words.

"And the piece de resistance- The Ham and Cheese of Tomorrow"

Kelly blinked. A stark white plate stared back at her with a cube of ham, a slice of swiss cheese and a yellow smear, that must have been mustard. "I don't get it."

Daniel grinned, "It's been deconstructed. See?" He pointed to the picture, hoping to get the point across. "Hot trend these days."

"But where's the bread?" Kelly couldn't believe she was even asking.

"There is no bread. That is why it's The Sandwich of Tomorrow."

Kelly closed her eyes, inhaled deeply and let the regret of her inquiry flow swiftly through her.

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