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Another early piece.
If I opened my heart would you listen,
­would you even hear a word.
­Would you think I was just having a moment,
­would you find it all absurd.
­ ­
­If I was really in trouble,
­would you be there to help.
­Would you think I'll just get over it,
­like with everything else I've been dealt.
­ ­
­If I just burst out crying,
­would you really even care.
­Or would you just patronise me,
­saying oh my friend, there there.
­ ­
­If I was suicidal,
­would you ring me everyday.
­Even if you thought I'd get through it,
­just to make sure i was okay.
­ ­
­'Cause when someone is on the dark descent,
­you can generally read the signs.
­So when somebody cries out for help,
­make sure that you have time.
­ ­
­You may be standing at their funeral,
­not believing it's the end.
­And you will be crying yourself to sleep,
­knowing you could have saved a friend.
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