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by Addy
Rated: E · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2055378
Will these two lover's relationship continue or will it wash away?

Find What Your Looking For

Chapter One


A girl named Skye was walking her husky named NeShee. Skye lived in LA by herself. She was a Youtuber, she recorded videogames. Skye had over two million subscribers on her gaming channel. Skye walked NeShee everyday and vloged it, Skye also had a vloging channel which she vloged everyday. One day while Skye was walking Neshee she saw a husky with no owner. Now Skye watched a Youtuber named Joey Graceffa, which he has a husky name wolf. Skye thought this husky looked like Wolf, she ran up to it,she relized that is was wolf. Skye looked at Wolf's collar and called the number. "Hello" a guy answer,Skye heard crying from the phone.Skye asked "Hello is this Joey?" the man answered "Yes" Skye asked "Did Wolf run away again?" Joey answered "Yes". Skye told Joey the street they were on. Right when Skye hung up the phone she pulled out her vloging camera and started talking "OMG guys I was out walking NeShee and I saw Joey Graceffa's dog! Wolf ranaway again and I just talked to Joey on the phone, he is going to be here soon." While Skye kepted talking on and on, Joey got out of the car and stopped,all he saw was Skye's back,two huskies,and one vloging camera. He waited for her to stop talking to her viewers. All Joey did was stare.

Chapter Two

The Stare

Joey stared for a while then Skye put down her camera and turned around, they greeted each other. Skye gave Wolf back to Joey and she turned around and started walking off. "Wait" Joey said she turned around and waited to see what Joey was going to say, it took a while but Joey finally blurded out "How do you know my name?" Skye looked into Joey's eyes and said "Because your the best Youtuber out there." She walked away with NeShee, Joey just stared at her until she was to far away to see. Joey had some mixed emotions,he was happy that he got Wolf back but he was sad that he let her walk out of his life. Joey didn't even know her name, but something told him it's not going to be the last time he will see her. Joey picked up Wolf and got into the car and went home.

Chapter Three


That night Skye uploaded her vlog, she noticed Joey had uploaded his vlog. She watched half of the video then she shut her computer and went to sleep.Skye was dreaming about Joey and that she shouldn't have walked away from him,she could have changed her life forever. Joey was dreaming about her and how he felt, he didn't know what love was but he found it again. Joey hasn't really loved anyone since his heart was broken a few years ago. Joey never wanted to love anyone after that but everything is changing. Both of their lifes are changing and changing fast.

Chapter Four


A week after Joey made the song "Don't wait", Skye listened to it everyday she loved it so much. Skye was a huge fangirl of Joey she always loved his videos. Skye really loved "Don't Wait" she thought the lyrics were so real, so true. She woke up and started making breakfast, while she was eating she listened to "Don't Wait", she started singing to it. Joey woke up and went stright to iTunes and started listening to "Don't Wait". He started singing to it and dancing to it. He went to go fed Wolf and make breakfast, while he was eating he read his book "In Real Life". He started crying and didn't stop for a while...

Chapter Five

The Meet and Greet

Skye woke up and smiled, she was ready for the meet and greet. She got up fed NeShee,made breakfast, and listened to "Don't Wait". After eating she got changed and did her makeup. She was going to meet millions of subscribers.She brought signed items for her fans. She even brought NeShee so fans can take a picture with her. Joey woke up and fed Wolf,made breakfast,got ready, and did his Amazing hair. He brought his Joey Graceffa official calendar to sign and give away to his fans.Joey and Wolf got into the car and drove to the meet and greet. Four hours later their was only 20 people in Skye's Fan Line. 35minutes later their was only one fan left in the line. Skye was looking down signing the last item,the last fan said "Can you sign this?" Skye answered "Yes" without looking up, Skye asked "Who should I make this out to?" The fan said "Joey...Joey Graceffa" Skye looked up in shock.

Chapter Six

What Did I Do Wrong

Their eyes met and again Joey felt love, a feeling he thought he would never feel again. Joey and Skye talked and talked, after a little bit Joey said "Hey, it's my birthday tomorrow." Skye Answered "I know" and giggled. "How do you know?" "You know Joey I'm a Subscriber." They went to the park and chatted some more. Then Skye said "I love your song Don't Wait, Joey" "Thanks" "Joey I know you had a bad life when you were younger with your mom being a alcohlic and you being bullied, but I want you to know I'm here for you." "Really?" "Yeah I think we know a lot about each other, we are good friends." "Oh Friends" Joey said. They were watching the sunset then Joey suddenly blured out "Go out with me" Skye turned and looked at Joey then started ranning home. Joey sat there all alone...and whispered to himeself "What did I do wrong?" it started to rain, Joey walked home all alone in the darkness...

Chapter Seven

The Best Birthday Ever

Skye felt bad running away from Joey, but it's all happening so fast. Skye woke up the next morning feeling sad. She went down stairs fed NeShee, she played with NeShee for over an hour to get herself feeling better. Skye was eating breakfast, while she did that she called Joey. "Happy Birthday Joey!" "Thanks Skye" Skye asked "Want to hang out tonight?" "Sure!" Later that night they were watching the sunset, Skye turned to Joey and look stright into his eyes and said "I have a gift for you Joey" Joey opened it and smiled, it was a blanket that had a picture of Wolf on it. He turned to Skye and said "I have a gift for you" "No Joey you shouldn't give a gift on your Birthday!" "No, It's okay Skye!" Skye opened the gift, it was a CD of "Don't Wait" and his new book "In Real Life". "Skye, your the first subscriber to have the book and the first person to have the CD." As the sunset Joey lended in and kissed Skye, they both watched the sunset.

Chapter Eight

Youtube Couple

Joey and Skye have been keeping this from Youtube for ten days. They decided today was the day they are sharing it to the internet. They made two videos to put on both of their channels,Skye's Video was titled "Dating Joey Graceffa!?" and Joey's Video was titled "Dating Skye Blue!?" Ouickly the videos were the most populare videos on Youtube with over 100,132,527,257 views. They decided to let Wolf and NeShee meet, when they did they played for hours. Now when Joey and Skye hung out so can Wolf and NeShee. Joey and Skye decided to read comments on their videos. A few of Joey's comments were "I'm glad you have found love again Joey!" "So proud of my Joey!" Some of Skye's comments said "Congrats Skye!" "Cutest Youtube Couple Ever!" Joey and Skye went to go watch the sunset again, right at 6:00 they kissed. They listened to "Don't Wait" while the sun was setting.

Chapter Nine

The News

A month later after posting the couple videos Joey got a work call. The work call was about being a writer, Joey always wanted to be a writer. He vloged all about it, but a day later he heard the bad news, the job was in New York City. He talked about it with Skye, "What do you think Skye?" "I don't know, I'm happy for you because I know you have wanted to be a writer for so long." "I don't have to go Skye" "No, you have to do this Joey!" "You can come too Skye and so can the dogs." "Sorry Joey but your leaving and I'm staying" That was it, Joey was leaving to New York City and Skye was staying with NeShee. "When are you leaving Joey?" "If I want the job I have to leave on Sunday" "But Joey, that's tomorrow..."

Chapter Ten

See You In Three Years

It was Sunday, they were off to the airport where they are saying their goodbyes. Joey had to go on the plane in ten minutes. "Joey, Wait" Joey faced Skye "Joey, Lets play a game, In three years on this day at this time we meat again here, if we are both single we can date but if we aren't single we don't show up, Okay?" "Okay, Skye before I leave" they held hands and kissed goodbye. Joey turned and walked away with Wolf, Skye watched Joey and said out loud "See you in three years my love" Skye walked away and started whispering "Don't Wait". While Joey was in the plane he whispered "Don't Wait" he started crying, so did Skye.

Chapter Eleven

Three Years Later

Skye saw Joey has published a total of five books. Skye watched Joey's vlogs everyday to see how he was doing, she also read all those five books Joey published including "In Real Life". It was Sunday 1:10pm Skye was at the airport waiting to see Joey. Time pasted, Skye still waited and waited. It was 3:25pm and she decided to go home. She walked off crying. "He probably has a family and a happy life." She said to herself crying. She went home fed NeShee and stayed in her bed crying she was to upset to vlog. She called one of her best friends. Her friend knocked on the door, Skye opened it saying "Hey Zoella" Hey Skye, what did you need to talk about?" "I need to talk about Joey, he left to New York three years ago, he said he would meet me at the airport today at 1:10." They talked until mid night, "I have to go home now Skye. hope this helped" "Thanks Zoella, it did help a lot, have a safe drive home, bye" After Zoella left Skye went to sleep and loved on NeShee.

Chapter Twelve

Meeting Fans

Skye did not want to go to the meet and greet but she had to. She got up and fed NeShee,made breakfast,did her hair, and makeup. This time NeShee stayed home. Skye got into the car and she left. Skye really had a great time meeting all her fans, it took five hours then she got a break to eat and go to the bathroom. When she got back she still had a lot more people in her line but she loved meeting all of them, Most of her fans tryed cheering her up because they all knew Joey left but they knew something else about Joey that Skye didn't know.When there was only one fan left in line she heard the song "Don't Wait" she sang along to it, when the song was half way in the last fan started singing to it. Skye looked up "Joey?"

Chapter Thirteen

Find What Your Looking For

"Hey Skye" Joey said "Is...is it really you Joey?" "Yup, it's me" Skye and Joey went to eat and chatted for a long time. After eating they went back to Skye's place and brought Wolf and NeShee to meet up again. "I have to tell you something, Skye" "All your subscribers knew, I uploaded a short video telling everyone who watches us that I'm going to see Skye and how I was going to do it." They talked some more and made a few videos together. They went to go watch the sunset at the beach. While the sun was setting Skye said "This was a wounderful day, I hope I see you again someday" Joey smiled and said "Find What Your Looking For" "What?" Skye said, Joey started singing "Don't Wait" and at the end he said "Skye I'm staying here with you, "Find What Your Looking For", I was looking for someone and I have found you." "What? I don't understand Joey" Skye said confused "I love you Skye" Joey said and lend in and kissed Skye.

Chapter Fourteen

Skye's Birthday

It was April 25th and it was Skye's Birthday. Skye woke up and made breakfast and got dressed. "Happy Birthday Skye" Joey called her on the phone "Thank You Joey" "Skye lets go to the beach at 4:00pm for your Birthday" "Okay, Joey" The whole day Skye hung out with some of her friends, they went shopping for her Birthday. Joey has been planning something for Skye's Birthday for a while, that no one knew about. He was going to record it and put it up on Youtube. It was 4:00pm and Joey picked up Skye and went to watch the sunset at the beach. They ate at 5:30 and talked until it was 5:58. Joey pointed out at the ocean and said "Look!" Skye was looking but nothing was there. Joey went down on one knee and pulled out a little black box. "Look at me Skye" Skye turned around and froze. "Would You Marry Me?" "Y...Yes!" Skye said almost yelling Joey put the ring on Skye's finger, they hugged and then they kissed at 6:00pm just like last time. Joey randomly said "Find What Your Looking For, I was looking for someone and I have found you, Skye Blue and I want to spend the rest of my life with you" Joey started singing "Don't Wait" to Skye, she suddently joined in. After the song ended Skye said "I'm so happy you have found love again and I'm even happier it's with me." At the same time they both said "I love you" and they kissed. The End

By Addison Johns

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