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Rated: 18+ · Sample · Action/Adventure · #2055487
An action short story of a girls secret double life.
I yell at the top of my lungs and bang my fist against the glass. "Let me out of here right now and I might consider not ripping your fucking head off!" I threaten. As the girlfriend of one of Manhattans biggest mafia bosses, I hold a rank amongst a select few.
My name is Rose Sanchez, but my friends call me slugger, because I'm the one who goes to beat the hell out of people who don't hold up there end of the bargain. What can I say, make a deal with the devil and expect to get burned. I'm dressed in my long sleeved black underarmour shirt, black long spandex, and my Nike Pro track shoes. It's my senior year and since I train outside of school for my "job" I thought I'd join the track team.
I know what your thinking how can someone so young be a mafia bosses girlfriend. Well Devin's dad (Devin's my boyfriends name), was shot in a blitz attack and killed. But before he died he left everything to his first son. Devin is taller than me by three inches and is lean. He's two years older than me and Is nineteen years old. We started dating four months before his dad died. And so I was there to help keep Devin strong. He's doing good at putting a strong face on, but all of us can see how much it's killing him.
Tonight I left to go beat the hell out of Frank Gonzalez one of our most recent customer and he's forgotten the past few of his payments, so Devin sent me to make sure he remembers our deal. But the next thing I knew he had 30 guys on guard and 20 minutes later they accomplished they're task of capturing me. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm already ashamed of how pathetic I was so you don't have to
Remind me of how badly I screwed up. I'm gonna catch hell for this once I get out. I was thrown into a glass tube and it's about four feet across and ten feet in height. This was strong glass and it was hard for me to break.
I slam my already bruised fist against it again. I slammed into it over and over again. "Answer me!" I spend the next five minutes panting and slamming myself into it over and over again. I slide down the other side as the window starts to get fogged up. I can't see through it. I try to wipe it clean but it's coming from the other side. A voice comes echoing inside on a speaker. "Giving up so soon? That's a shame I wanted to have some more fun." The voice was male and young. So it wasn't Frank, it must be Josh, his only son. I answer back in a sly voice, "Well how am I supposed to have fun if my opponent doesn't show up. You can't exactly play a game by yourself. He laughs, "But that's just the game I will be playing today." I frown. "I don't understand." "I'm playing a game, and your my chess piece." I continue to frown and respond, "Chess is a two player game." He replies back calm and confident, "True but you are my piece not my opponent." I stand up and look through the foggy glass and stare at the outline of him. "I ain't nobody's chess piece." He laughs. "Aww honey, I don't think you have much of a choice." I stand there puzzled. "I wonder how Devin will react when his girlfriends dead body is delivered to his front door. Now nervous I decide that I am not in a position to piss him off, since he has the advantage. "Good luck with that." "Can you swim?" He asks me.
"Of course." I respond, cautious of where this was going. "We'll see." All of a sudden the speaker clicks off and I see his shape walk away. "Wait!" l slam my fist against the glass!" I hear something moving below me. And automatically jump up and push my body against the tube expecting the floor to give way. But instead a hole on the side starts gushing water out. "What the hell!" The tube starts filling up with cold water. It starts rising rapidly. "Let me out!" "You coward you can't even stand to watch me die! You have to fog up the glass and leave the room!" "I swear you have a fucking death wish you dumb ass!" I haven't even become a legal adult yet and I'm about to die!
"Come back here!"" I started yelling and pounding on the wall. It's already up to my knees. "Do not cry! I scold myself. He would want nothing more than to watch you cry like a child." I start to breath heavy, my heart racing almost bursting out of my chest. The freezing water sending a stabbing sensation almost like knives through my clothes and chilling me to the bone. My lungs are starting to itch from the cold and my hyperventilating. The water is at my chest now. The glass isn't showing any sign of cracking. I bite my tongue. How could I be so stupid! "He's gonna come for me you know!" I yell out. Then to my surprise he responds, "that's what I'm counting on." The water is rising and I rise with it. I have about four feet of air left. The glass is starting to clear and hear his voice come on.
"You're lucky he arrived early, which means you get to watch your boyfriend die before you die. He laughs and the speaker clicks off. As it finally clears I see Devin fighting with two men and I see my friend Dodger run up and tackle one of them. I see all of them pouring in now. Camilla, Bass, Lucky, Mark, Annie, and Keys. I slam on the glass and scream. "I'm over here!" "Help!" "Get me out of here!" I watch Keys nod at me understanding. he starts to run over when i hear a loud bang and see something rip through his chest and collide with the glass. The glass cracks but doesn't break. Keys stops and blood seeps out of his mouth. i freeze. his eyes are wide and he looks down at his chest. blood was seeping through his white shirt. I scream. "KEYS!" he falls to his knees and falls over. I scream! I scream and scream and look past him to the man holding a silver handgun. I watch as Annie gets stabbed in the stomach and punched in the face. Bass is sprawled on the floor not moving. I watch as Devin struggles to keep on his feet as three men taller and bigger than him throw punch after punch and they're swift movements cut him. Its hard for me too move and my legs are tired of keeping my body afloat. I now only have inches of air left. Dodger makes his way through all the chaos and attacks the man who shot Keys. He breaks his arm and twists the gun free. He shoots him in the head and makes his way towards the tank.
He fires five shots into the tank emptying the chamber and breaking the glass. I get sucked under and I float outside the tank in a slide of water that pours into the main room. Some of the guys slip on it. My body moves stiffly from being in the cold water for too long. I stand up and tell Dodger to run. I peel the long spandex off revealing my short Spandex underneath, instantly making me warmer. I peel my Long sleeved shirt off and kneel their in my Gray tank top. I run up and side kick one of Josh's men and get his knife. I slit his throat and move his body in front of me to serve as a shield as bullets hit his body. I attack the men and break one of their legs before I reach into his thigh gun holder and rip out the gun. I shoot him in the head and shoot his two components. i turn towards Devin and shoot the three men giving him a hard time. I look around and see Dodger lying in a pool of blood. I see Camille get shot in the head. They are dead! I started to cry. Devin and I are the only ones left standing. I see him look at me and he had an empty look on his face. "Devin?" He collapses, and behind him stood Josh. I look at Devin's body. I look at everyone. I see more men fill in the room. I knew I wasn't leaving here alive. I knew I would not have a peaceful death, I knew I would not have a funeral, for they would not find my body. I would lie in an unmarked grave somewhere, forgotten by all. My story would not be told, it would be old and dusty lost somewhere in the old library of time.
I will not be thrown out of this world so hastily and alone. If i am pushed of this life, I am taking as many with me as I can! I look up at him and i let him know he isn't leaving here alive either. "I guess the game ends as a tie." I start to walk towards him, and bullets fly through the air colliding with me. I continue walking towards him, bullet after bullet hits me, but I just walk and stare into his eyes. I wait till no more shots are fired and I am standing right in front of him. "Checkmate." And I raise the silver handgun to his head and rest the barrel right between his eyes and fire. he falls to the ground. As do I. And before I close my eyes for the last time, I turn my head and look at Devin's glossed over eyes. I stretch my arm out and hold his cold hand. And I close my eyes and welcome the cold inside my heart. I welcome the pain. And lastly, I welcome the hatred for those who took everything from me. Trust me. "This isn't the end." I mutter.
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